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Members of the Henning seventh and eighth grade basketball teams included: #20 Alivia Emter, #3 Zoey Gruber, #1 Addison Bode, #2 Abbi Godding and #5 Jazmine Saari. Back row: #11 Hallie Weller, #10 Callie Thompson, #4 Brynn Reinbold, #32 Ella Horn, #21 Bella Olson and coach Ryan Emter.

The Henning Hornet junior high girl’s basketball teams wrapped up their seasons by taking on Bertha-Hewitt just before the New Year. 

The seventh grade team played very well winning by the score of 28-8. The eighth grade team had lost to Bertha-Hewitt the first time earlier in the year by 20 points. In this game they took Bertha-Hewitt all the way to the wire, losing to them by just 2 points by the score of 26-24. 

The seventh grade team went 10-2 on the year, while the eighth grade team finished 2-9. 

The seventh grade team was composed of eight seventh graders: Zoey Gruber, Brynn Reinbold, Ella Horn, Bella Olson, Abbigail Godding, Alivia Emter, Addison Bode, and Jazmine Saari. 

This team has a nice mix of guards and posts. They work together really well as a team by spreading the ball around. Their defense is very solid, but they still need a lot more fundamental work on offense. As they get stronger physically they will continue to get better. Going 10-2 for them was very good and the coaches hope they can continue to work to get even better. 

The eighth grade team was composed of two eighth graders Hallie Weller and Callie Thompson. 

The seventh graders then filled in with the eighth graders to complete the team. It was a real up and down year for these games. Some nights fans could see this crew getting it figured out and then they would take a step backward. The eighth grade is another level of physical play and that was the biggest difference for all of these girls. 

Weller and Thompson really came a long way and made huge gains in becoming more productive offensively. Down the stretch we were giving teams struggles that had beaten us big the first time they had played us. The coaches are looking forward to seeing what these girls can do in the future.