Kenyon named to NDSCS honors list

The North Dakota State College of Science has named 439 students to its fall semester 2022 President’s Honor List. 

The Honor List recognizes students who have achieved grade point averages of 3.5 or higher while taking at least 12 credits with letter grades. The honorees include: Makena Kenyon, Henning, Agriculture. 

Homola named to President’s List

Tiffany Sanderson, Lake Area Technical College President, announces the current President’s List. The President’s List is a list of outstanding students who, through their initiative and ability, have indicated a seriousness of purpose in their educational program. The President’s List is limited to full-time students who have achieved a semester grade point average of 3.5 to 4.0. Students with a 4.0 have been noted by an asterisk.

Local students honored include: Vivian Homola*, Ottertail.

MSUM honors local students

The following students have been named to the Minnesota State University Moorhead dean’s list in recognition of academic achievement fall semester 2022. Students must maintain a 3.25 or higher grade-point average and carry 12 graded credits to qualify for the honor. 

Local students named to the dean’s list include: Macie Cichy, Henning, Physical Education, Health Education, Developmental Adapted Physical Education; Noah Coffey, Ottertail, Construction Management; Benjamin Hume, Henning, Nursing and Josephine Pinnella, Deer Creek, History.

ATCC recognizes local students

Scott Berger, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at Alexandria Technical & Community College, recognizes individual students for academic excellence. 

The following students were named to the Dean’s List for achieving a GPA of 3.5 or higher while enrolled in 12 or more credits Fall Semester 2022: Nicole Jaeger, Clitherall; Mya Sawyer, Deer Creek and Cassidy Anderson, Henning. 

M-State announces President’s, Dean’s List

Minnesota State Community and Technical College has named 523 students to its President’s List and 546 students to its Dean’s List for the Fall 2022 semester. 

  Students on the President’s List earned a grade point average of 4.0 while completing a minimum of six college-level credits and 75 percent of the courses in which they enrolled for the semester.

  Students on the Dean’s List earned a G.P.A. of 3.50 to 3.99 while completing a minimum of six college-level credits and 75 percent of the courses in which they enrolled for the semester.

  Students named to the M State President’s List and Dean’s List include: Tyra Alberts, Deer Creek, Dean’s List;  Jenna Ayo, Deer Creek, President’s List;  Tanner Wagner, Deer Creek, President’s List;  Riley Bode, Henning, President’s List; Kaislyn Bunkowski, Henning, President’s List; Liam Despard, Henning, President’s List; Carter Dilly, Henning, Dean’s List; Gretchen Eckhoff, Henning, Dean’s List; Natalie Eckhoff, Henning, Dean’s List; Faith Fisher, Henning, President’s List; Lilya Fraki, Henning, Dean’s List; Mason Hammer, Henning, President’s List; Allyson Hart, Henning, Dean’s List; Jason Haugen, Henning, President’s List; Matthew Johnson, Henning, President’s List; Carter Kenyon, Henning, Dean’s List; Angie Koep, Henning, Dean’s List; Emily Kohl, Henning, Dean’s List; Mikayla Merkens, Henning, Dean’s List; Lyvia Misegades, Henning, President’s List; Tyson Misegades, Henning, Dean’s List; Amanda Otto, Henning, President’s List; Keegan Shaw, Henning, Dean’s List; Kyle Tierney, Henning, President’s List; Michelle Tierney, Henning, Dean’s List; Shannon Tierney, Henning, President’s List;Gamble Bye, Ottertail, Dean’s List;  Lane Dilly, Ottertail, Dean’s List;  Tori Krause, Ottertail, Dean’s List; Aaron Lorentz, Ottertail, Dean’s List; Jennifer Love, Ottertail, Dean’s List; Cassandra Meyer, Ottertail, President’s List;  Hannah Dosdall, Vining, President’s List; Ashley Dreger, Vining, President’s List; Rebecca Frederick, Vining, President’s List; Alivia Gunderson, Vining, President’s List; Aaliyah Olson, Vining, President’s List; Johnathan Suchy, Vining, Dean’s List and Alissa Winters, Vining, President’s List.