5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

January 16, 2018

Whether you have known it or not, you or someone in Henning who you know has been affected by, or involved somehow, with the local nonprofit organization C.H.A.T. C.H.A.T. is an acronym for Community Health Action Team, an organization the has been in the community for approximately 20 years. The group’s mission is to work with the community on matters dealing with health and safety. They partner with various other community groups such as the police department, the school or public health services.

Four Henning students placed at the district hoop shoot competition held at Wadena-Deer Creek School on Saturday. Capturing first place was Becca Frederick, Tyson Misegades and Kale Misegades, while Beck Thorson took third place. Frederick, as well as Tyson and Kale Misegades have advanced to the regional hoop shoot that is set for Saturday in Brainerd, Minn.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

January 21, 1998

Buchanan Lake on the north side of Ottertail was the setting for this year’s Ottertail Cub Scout fishing derby. About 100 scouts, parents and siblings were on hand for the event, held jointly with the Perham-Ottertail scouts. It was cold, which is to be expected around these parts this time of year, but the event was unmarred by any excessive winds.

The Ottertail City Council met for its regular monthly session on Thursday, Jan. 15, to discuss matters including financing of its proposed municipal water system, purchase of a city fire truck, and miscellaneous items including signs for city streets.

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

January 18, 1973

January 16, Postmaster Harold Peterson received an anonymous telephone call telling him that a bomb was in the back of the post office. Within minutes, the sheriff’s department was on the scene and the fire department had the area roped off. A postal inspector and a demolition expert arrived shortly and conducted a thorough examination of the building and of unusual mail. Fortunately, the search turned up nothing and business was resumed as usual.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

January 15, 1923

Dr. Jay Kevern, who has been practicing medicine at Auburn, Washington for the past year, arrived Sunday and will be associated with Dr. A. J. Lewis and Dr. C. W. Lewis. Dr. Kevern who originally lived at Kellogg, Idaho and Seattle is a graduate of the University of Minnesota class of 1944.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

January 18, 1923

Concerning the basketball game between Perham and Henning on Friday, the Perham Enterprise says “The basketball game between Perham and Henning was  a display of wonderfully good team work on the part of Henning. They were light, fast and clever passing and good shooting gave them the long end of a 35 to 18 score.”

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

January 19, 1898

Two policemen in Boston are hard at work trying to prevent the students of a medical school and those of a young ladies’ seminary from looking at each other. The schools are close together and the students are let out at the same time every day. If the plan worked the young persons would be less or more than human. It won’t. There is only one sure way of stopping the mischief and that is to abolish the schools.

The gluttony of the people who flock to the public receptions in Washington with less decorum than is usually preserved in front of the barkeeper’s walnut has provoked retaliation. The ladies of the cabinet announce that refreshments will no longer be served. The households of the cabinet members will no longer be embraced in a free lunch route. Thus will end scenes which have been a disgrace to the capital of the country for a great many years.

The diabolical assassination of William Terriss, the distinguished British actor, by a worthless crank with a homicidal mania brings up before us again and in a most urgent form the questions of dealing with this class of pests. There is no law for punishing or even locking up a crank, no matter how dangerous he may notoriously be. Justice waits until he commits murder, and then offers to society the beggarly reparation of the gallows. The peril is one which the individual must meet for himself. Government avenges him only after he has been lain and his family desolated.

The comets scheduled for the year ’98 number five.

Minneapolis mills ground more than 13,000,000 barrels of flour during the past year, or enough to give about nine barrels of flour a piece to every inhabitant of the state.