5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

January 9, 2018

Jesse Thalmann grew up in Henning with a passion for fishing. Today, the Henning native has found a way to turn his passion into a new guide service in his home town. “I have loved and had a strong passion for fishing my whole life. Growing up I would take any opportunity to fish I could. Luckily for me that meant spending a lot of time with both of my grandpa’s, both of which introduced me to fishing at a very young age,” said Thalmann.

With 29 members spanning all backgrounds and age groups, members of the Henning Wall of Fame have achieved some impressive accomplishments over the years. During its special reorganization meeting on Tuesday night, the Henning School Board heard from former school board member and long-time collector of Wall of Fame applications Richard Johnson about the Wall of Fame. Johnson said he wanted to provide the board members information about how the nomination process works and answer any questions they may have about the process of being inducted into the Wall of Fame.

The annual Henning HOPE First Baby of the Year contest is now underway. Each year the organization recognizes the first baby born in the Henning Public School District with a $50 prize.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

January 7, 1998

While on her way to respond to an ambulance call Monday afternoon, December 29, Henning Ambulance crew member Pat Frederick had the misfortune to strike a patch of ice, which caused her to lose control of her 1989 Ford Ranger. The vehicle stopped abruptly on a tree on Fergus Avenue, near the ambulance garage. The Service’s second ambulance was then dispatched to take Frederick to the hospital, where she was treated for a fractured sternum. Frederick was wearing her seat belt.

Gary Misegades announced January 1 that he has sold his stock in Mid-Central Equipment of Henning to his partners of 13 years, Dick and Mary Trana. Misegades started the business at his farm in 1979 and the Tranas teamed up with him and his wife Sheryl in 1984. Since then the business has grown to support eight employees and serve primarily dairy and beef farmers in a 60-plus mile radius.

Facing a decline in membership—a membership that is not getting any younger—the Henning Rod & Gun Club is looking to change the way both the public and its members look at it, says long-time club member and spokesman Chuck Frederick. Frederick says the club is now “looking for young people and new ideas.”

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

January 11, 1973

Paul Harvey News, entitled “Women in the Pulpit,” in your Nov. 12 issue prompted me to write this letter. Motley, MN where I live, has 340 people. One of them is loved by her parishioners, friends and acquaintances. She is the Rev. Alice Engelbretson. To know her is to love her. She is pastor of the Motley Methodist Church. She not only teaches the Bible, she lives it, and each of us whose life has been touched by this woman is the better for it. (Publisher’s note: Rev. Engelbretson has many friends here, having served as pastor at the Methodist Church in Henning before going to Motley).

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

January 8, 1923

The sale of Stephens Variety Store, which had been rumored for some time, was definitely closed last week, and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Shelley of Anoka have taken over the business. Mr. Shelley was a resident of Minneapolis for 37 years.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

January 11, 1923

The Battle Lake Basketball tossers defeated the fast Henning team by the close score of 27 to 21.

The will of a veteran of the Union Army of the Civil War provides for a monument to be erected in Washington, D.C. in memory of General Robert E. Lee.

Flashing across the skies of Virginia, a meteor struck in a grove of oak trees in the south central portion of the state, making a depression in the earth which measured more than 500 square feet in area. The meteor was composed of a metallic substance and several trees were buried beneath the falling body.

Rock Creek enjoyed a real wolf hunt Saturday when Ed LaBarge of Deer Creek and John Ferweda of Inman together with several wolf hounds and horses went through here after a pack of wolves. These animals have been quite numerous here lately making the nights hideous with their howls. Parties watching the hunt had the privilege of seeing a very pretty race when several wolves were run out of the timber on the Lamb farm across a forty acre field of the Nelson farm only to disappear in the woods of the Loden farm closely followed by the hounds, while the hunters poured volley after volley after the fleeing brutes. The animals were of the large gray kind and seemed to be much larger than the ordinary prairie wolf. As yet one of the wolves has been taken.

130 years ago

The Henning Advocate

January 12, 1893

The Henning Cornet Band

was organized December 31, 1891, and the books of the treasurer show it has received and expended for instruments and instruction

about $450.

As suggested in the Advocate last week, the village council met Tuesday evening and took steps towards providing the village with better fire protection.

A.A. Paulsen and G.A. Saetre have purchased the O.N. Benjamin stock of general merchandise of the assignee, Attorney Wilson of Wadena.