New shop to work in conjunction with Henning location

Photo by Chad Koenen
Jeff and Holly Weller have opened a new shop in Ottertail. The shop is located near the Ottertail Operations Center and will be an offshoot of AutoFix in Henning. The new AutoFix in Ottertail officially opened on Monday.

By Chad Koenen


Since opening its doors in Henning over a decade ago, AutoFix has grown into a one-stop shop not commonly seen in small towns across the country. Whether it be new tires, a quick oil change, tire alignments or diagnostics, AutoFix has grown into a bustling business in the Henning industrial park.

With rapid growth comes the need for further expansion and space, which has led to a second location just 15 miles down the road in Ottertail.

“We knew with our staff that we needed to add on or get a second location,” said co-owner Holly Weller. 

As Jeff and Holly Weller looked at the options of adding on to their shop in Henning, they realized that opening a second shop in Ottertail would not only address a growing space issue, but would also allow them to be closer to a number of customers in the greater Ottertail area.

“We were going to add on to our shop in Henning and realized we had (a number of) customers coming from Ottertail,” said Jeff.

They quickly identified a lot for sale near the Ottertail Operations Center in Ottertail and broke ground on a new shop in June of 2022. Over the past seven months they have transformed the otherwise vacant lot into a new shop that will work in conjunction with their previous shop in Henning. 

Two technicians will be located in both the Henning and Ottertail shops, while office staff will also be assisting customers at each AutoFix. Jeff will work at both locations, as needed, to provide even more support to customers in both Henning and Ottertail. Customers can make appointments for everything from alignments to oil changes, auto start installation, new tires, electrical work and more. 

Holly said the two locations will provide more flexibility for customers, especially if they need work done quickly. For example, the shop in Ottertail may be full on a select day, but customers could get an appointment in Henning instead. 

“We are one business, just in two locations,” said Holly. 

In addition to their auto technician services, AutoFix also offers courtesy vehicles in both Henning and Ottertail, as well as pick up and delivery services within the city limits. 

The new store in Ottertail opened on Monday and the Henning location will remain open five days a week. AutoFix will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To make an appointment in Henning call 548-5585 or to make an appointment in Ottertail call 367-3670.

The new Ottertail store is located at 151 County Highway 55 in Ottertail.