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Henning School Post Secondary Education students enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal prior to the start of the Thanksgiving holiday last week. The students had the meal in the student lounge in the library.

Dear Grandma Sara,

I feel excited and happy when you do nice things for me. You help me get things that are high up on the shelf. It was a book I wanted to read. It is special when just you and me go to the store. I like watching movies together because your always funny when something funny is happening. I feel grateful when you knit me hats and scarves. The booties feel warm and cozy. I love you forever.

Love, Mia

Dear Mrs. Wahlin,

I like piano and the notes I don’t know you help me with. It makes me so happy. I care about you because you are sweet. You help me and give me a snack after school. I am thankful for you because you have a big group of piano kids and you still care about me. 

Love, Paisley

Dear Auntie J,

You are thankful and considerate and the best auntie ever. I wish you could be closer to us. Your friendship you are special to me because you are creative. I love you because you are loveable and sweet. Thank you for being the best auntie ever. Thank you for spending time with me and Jack. I love you. You have give me the most creative memory of all. I am looking forward to go to a jojo seewu concert, again. I hope you do. you give kindness to everyone in our family. We are going to a football game next year. are you going to be there with us? well I hope you do! I love you so much I can’t even think. and I will always. you teach me so much. our hiking trip with you was awesome and it wouldn’t be the same with out you. you are the kindest and you make every thing fun when we go shopping together. you always have our backs. I loved it when I slept over. I love you forever!

Love, Nora

Dear Dad, 

I miss you when you were hunting. I really want to spend some more time with you. I’m thankful for you because you always bring me to the zoo and stores. you’re always funny. at halloween when I was a mime queen, you helped me. I really hope this year you can maybe dressup with me. 

Thank you dad for building me the tree house in the backyard. It makes me feel happy when you help me make breakfast in the mornings. I feel safe when you help me when I’m scared. You’re super duper funny. Sometimes you can be a bit embarrassing but I’m okay with it. I love it when you brought my Christmas shopping for mom and we got her that new phone. I love you so much. 

Love, Izzy