5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017

The Henning City Council has appointed a new mayor following the passing of longtime mayor Jim Hermanson. During the regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Councilman Jerimiah Rice was appointed mayor and Beno Lohse to the vacant council seat left by Rice.

Patrick Krejci has been on the job for just over three months, but the new administrator at the Henning Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center facility can’t help but smile when speaking about the staff and residents at the facility. “There is a real sense of community. The staff here are so dedicated to our residents. It was really inspiring,” he said.

The finishing touches are being put on the Henning High School fall musical. The musical will officially open on Friday night with encore performances set for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. This year’s musical is an adaptation of the 1957 Broadway classic “The Music Man.” The musical is based on a story by Meredith Wilson and Franklin Lacey about a con man named Harold Hill.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 19, 1997

Winter struck the area hard last Wednesday and Thursday, causing slippery roads and reduced visibility and leaving a lot of snow to be removed. Henning Utilities Supt. Don Hagen said Thursday’s snow removal effort went smoothly, without any extra problems. “We were done by noon,” he said.

Henning Home Bakery will cease operations when its doors close at the end of the business day on Wednesday, Nov. 26. Such was the announcement made at the Henning Chamber of Commerce board meeting earlier this month by bakery owner Ken Motzko. The closure was prompted by persistently declining sales, Motzko reported. Motzko and his wife Nancy have owned and operated the bakery since May of 1995, when they bought it from Lance Wilke. Wilke had owned and operated it for 24 years before closing it in December of 1994, to pursue another career. The Motzkos this week said their plans for the future are as yet unknown.

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 16, 1972

Few people know about the road construction north of Henning which comprises 3 1/2 miles on the county road starting at the Earl Shaw farm extending past the Stanley and Richard Haugdahl farm. The highway joins up with the Deer Creek road.

Henning High School’s Dave Brutlag was selected to WCCO Radio’s All-State Football Team of the Week Thursday night for the second time this year.

Mrs. B. O. Bredberg, Mrs. W. O. Halvorson and Mrs. Ben Miller attended an afternoon and dinner session on “Facing the Issues in Education” at NDSU in Fargo Sunday.

A Choral Festival-Vocal Workshop will be held at Fergus Falls Junior College this Saturday. Mr. Johnson will be taking four students from the Henning concert choir to perform. They are Colleen Estes, Brian Barker, Jeff Gusted and Randy Torgerson.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 13, 1947

Guy Clement, who is completing a fine new home in Henning, said today that he is going to have two fuel bills to pay this winter because of an unfortunate occurrence while building his home. Guy had filled his outside oil tank for the winter, and after three weeks of use the oil burner went out. An investigation revealed that because of a leaky pipe all the fuel had leaked out below the foundation. 1,000 gallons of it.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 16, 1922

No. 1, Vol. 1 of the Ashby Independent by Frank A. Bennett is out. If Frank keeps up the pace he has set, Ashby’s best interests lie in seeing that he secures the support he merits.

The new brick and glass front of Pikal Bros. Meat market is completed. The combination makes one of the finest appearing fronts in town.

John Cordes had a narrow escape from the wrath of an infuriated bull one day last week. Mr. Cordes was trying to lead the animal into his stall, the rope being attached to a ring in his nose. The bull was reluctant to follow and the tightening of the rope enraged him. He boosted Mr. Cordes one powerful blow with his head. Cordes, as he went upward, caught hold of a ceiling Joyce of the barn. He was able to hold on to this while the now infuriated bull pummeled Cordes’ dangling feet and legs as a gymnast would a punching bag. Mr. Cordes was able to move to safety and he is sore, but fine.

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

November 1897

A dog came very near wrecking Thursday’s early morning passenger train at Fergus Falls. The dog was standing on the crossing near the bridge which crosses the river when he was run over and ground into a jelly. A pair of the tender trucks were thrown off, but no damage done beyond delaying the train. The dog was a large mastiff weighing 160 pounds and belonged to J. W. Mason.

The Henning A. O. U. W. Lodge will give a ball in Anderson and Larson’s hall on Thanksgiving night. Everybody cordially invited.

The adelphic Literary Society of the Henning School will hold supper, social and literary entertainment at Larson’s hall. All ladies are requested to bring an envelope containing a piece of ribbon similar to that worn by themselves. These are to be given to the en for the selection of partners.