Photo by Chad Koenen
Rahn’s Oil and Propane recently purchased Denny’s Food ‘N Sport, as well as Pete’s Amoco in Henning. The plan is to construct a new convenience store, car wash and shop in town.

By Chad Koenen


Big changes are coming to downtown Henning as soon as this winter. 

Dave Rahn, who is the owner of Rahn’s Oil and Propane, recently purchased both Denny’s Food N Sport, as well as Pete’s Amoco at the corner of Inman St. and Douglas Ave. Both gas stations, as well as Denny’s car wash, will eventually be torn down to make way for a state-of-the-art gas station that will feature everything from hot food to a car wash and a new shop for vehicle repairs. 

Rahn just recently completed the purchase of both buildings and will begin the construction process as soon as possible. He said the people he has spoken with are excited about the possibility of having a new large gas station with food options in the community once again. 

“There is a need in the community, there is no doubt about that. Everybody we have talked to is very excited,” said Rahn. “Henning is great town.  Everyone I’ve talked to has been very supportive.  It has been fun putting this plan together and we are excited to be part of such a good strong community.”

Rahn’s Oil currently operates eight convenience stores and gas stations throughout central Minnesota including Bowlus Gas and Grocery, Freeport Gas and Grocery, Grey Eagle Gas and Grocery, Melrose 1 Stop, Ripley 1 Stop, New Munich Gas and Grocery, St. Stephen Gas and Grocery, as well as BigFoot Gas and Grocery. 

Rahn said he was contacted a few years ago by former Denny’s Food N Sport owner Denny Nosbish when the Rahn’s Oil and Propane purchased BigFoot Gas and Grocery. While it didn’t work out at the time for the two sides to come together on a deal, when Clay Houselog listed the once gas station in Henning, he contacted Rahn to see if there would be any interest in purchasing the since closed Denny’s Food N Sport. The gas station has been closed since spring and did not sell gas for several months before it officially closed. 

After speaking with the owners of Pete’s Amoco, Rahn purchased not only Denny’s, but the adjacent Pete’s Amoco as well. 

Rahn has big plans for the new convenience store when it is constructed as soon as next year. He is planning to tear down the current Denny’s car wash and construct a new shop in its location. After speaking with employees at Pete’s Amoco, Rahn said the group is excited about the possibility of working in a new shop, just a few hundred yards away from where they are currently located. 

“All the guys at Pete’s are very supportive of having a new shop,” said Rahn.

When it is completed, the new convenience store will feature hot food items similar to what BigFoot Gas, Grocery and Deli currently serves. That means everything from broasted chicken and Hot Stuff Pizza and countless other items will be coming to town. The new convenience store will also include a new drive through car wash as well.  

The convenience store will also feature a large line of bait and tackle, as well as have both unleaded and diesel fuel. 

Rahn said the first step will be to tear Denny’s down this winter and begin constructing the shop and new convenience store as soon as possible. While both gas stations will eventually be torn down to make way for the new one, Rahn said there will always be an operating gas station in Henning. His plan is to leave the pumps of Pete’s Amoco operating until the new convenience store is ready to open. 

“The gas station will stay open until we get the new one open,” he said.