5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017

At just 15 years of age, Ellie Smith and Katelyn Zillmer chose to attend a CNA course over the summer instead of lying on a beach enjoying the sun and spending time with their friends. The course, which was held at State in Fergus Falls, was three days a week for three weeks, totaling 70 hours. There were an additional 20 hours of clinical, which were done at the Brown Home in Fergus Falls. When the class began there were 25 attendees, as the days went on the numbers dwindled during the summer. Smith and Zillmer were the youngest pupils in the class.

Ask any hunter about the challenges of gutting a deer in the woods, and chances are one of the answers will be holding the deer still if no one else is around. Brian Frederick is hoping to provide hunters that friend in a time of need thanks to his newly designed “Guttin’ Buddy.” Frederick developed the product several years ago after searching for a Christmas present for his brother.

Long-time Henning mayor and city council member, Jim Hermanson, passed away on Friday. Hermanson has been serving as the mayor since 2007 and was first elected to the city council in 1976. While in office Hermanson, age 68, received a number of local and national awards, including the Missouri River Energy Services Community Leadership Award in 2014. He is also a 1967 graduate of Henning High School.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 12, 1997

The Craft Bazaar, sponsored by the Henning Women of Today, took place Saturday, Nov. 8, as part of the annual Henning for the Holidays promotion. Twenty-three exhibitors signed up to participate in the bazaar, and 20 tables were set up. The event was well-attended.

Otter Tail County Attorney Wally Sneak has been appointed by Gov. Arne Carlson to be the new Seventh Judicial District trial court judge. Sneak was one of three finalists to replace Judge Harlan Nelson, who has retired. The other two finalists were Becker County Attorney Joe Evans and Galen Via, an attorney in private practice in Moorhead.

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 9, 1972

The senior class of the Henning High School will present the tree-act comedy, “You Can’t Take It With You” on Thursday, Nov. 9, at 8 p.m. in the new gym.

Church women representing several denominations and many churches from the Henning area gathered together Wednesday, Nov. 1, as the American Lutheran Church Women of Good Shepherd church entertained at an All Saints Day Festival based upon the theme “Share the Word.” Mrs. Lawrence Belmont, president of the ALCW, welcomed the guests. Devotions were read by Mrs. Darrell Vetter. A sketch entitled “Living Pictures” made use of seven tableaus to depict the manner in which God’s word has been proclaimed throughout the world. Mrs. Derald Cordes acted as narrator.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 6, 1947

Joe Alfs of New York Mills, who recently found a large tooth-like appearing fossil near Leaf Lake sent in a description of his find to the University of Minnesota and has received the following reply according to the New York Mills Herald “From your description, I suspect that the tooth you found was that of a Mastodon, a close relative of the elephants which lived here during the facial period. The grinding surface of the tooth of the Mastodon has a series of points similar to that on our molar teeth. If this is the case with your tooth, I feel fairly sure of the identification, although there were great varieties of large pre-historic animals to which this tooth might possibly have belonged. If any additional parts of the skull or skeleton are available in this gravel pit, the geologists here might be interested in securing more of the parts for more careful identification. Sincerely yours, W. J. Breckenridge, Director”

Mr. Alfs has found other bone fragments and splinters in the same gravel pit, but none of these later findings have been of large enough pieces or sections that would aid in more positive identification. He plans on sending the tooth which he found to the University within the next two weeks and will then probably have some more information on this subject.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Nov. 9, 1922

The General Science Club will discuss the subject of “fuels” at its regular meeting on Friday, “conservation of coal” and “coal products” will be the main subject for discussion.

The Geometry Class, having satisfactorily completed the study of Triangles, have now begun work on parallelograms.

The Domestic Science II girls have been busy hemstitching new curtains for the Domestic Science room this week.

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

November 1897

Franz Siegel and his wife of the town of Bertha were found guilty of abusing their 10-year-old daughter, which caused her death. Judge Baxter sentenced the man to three years and the woman to one year in the state penitentiary.

At Vining on Sunday, Nov. 7 occurred what proved to be the most brilliant and notable event in the history of the little town. It was the marriage of State Representative T.H. Froslee to Miss Olive Greftegreff.

A spirit of enterprise permeates a number of our citizens and that spirit is clearly visible by the number of street lamps on dark nights.

A bonnet covered with birds does not sing, but it makes a man whistle when the bills comes in.