Photo by Dan Broten
Artist Naomi Tiry Salgado stopped in Henning in September to paint a picture of downtown Henning as part of an arts contest. She painted the picture in downtown Henning, right in front of the Citizen’s Advocate and Salvation Army. 

By Chad Koenen


One can’t get much more rural Americana than downtown Henning—at least that is what one Twin Cities artist thought in mid September.

Naomi Tiry Salgado recently participated in an Art of the Lakes Gallery open pen air competition. As part of the contest, Salgado had to create a painting on location anywhere in Otter Tail County. The painting could be of anything, provided it was located somewhere in Otter Tail County. 

While visiting in the area and looking for a unique location for her painting, Salgado stumbled upon downtown Henning and thought it would make for a perfect entry for the competition. 

“I was driving through Henning and saw the grain elevator behind the grocery store,” said Salgado. “I thought it looked really unique, at least for me. I just think it is a unique feature to have the grain elevator on Main Street.”

Salgado is a full-time artist from the Twin Cities and visited the area in September to enter the Art of the Lakes contest. She set up shop right outside of the Citizen’s Advocate office and painted the downtown Henning scene facing the hardware store and grain elevator. 

Though she didn’t win the Art of the Lakes competition, Salgado said she enjoyed her time in Henning and the opportunity to create a painting of a small downtown community.