Livestock Results

Contributed photo
Caroline Schwantes competed in the category of Grade Holstein Fall Calf at the Minnesota State Fair.  

Britney Loerzel – 4th Place Registered Simmental Junior Yearling; Interview Finalist

Kacie Riepe – 5th Place Commercial Summer Yearling

Claire Koll – 5th Place Pure Breed Dairy Steer; Interview Finalist

Reed Koll – 6th Place Pure Breed Dairy Steer; Interview Finalist

Vanessa Dorn – 6th Place British- Bred Slick-Shorn Steer

Kaislyn Bunkowski – 4th Place Registered Shorthorn Steer

Breanna Bunkowski – 4th Place Prospect Heifer Calf

Brielle Malone – Blue Ribbon Jersey 3- or 4-Year-Old Cow; Reserve Champion Total Merit Jersey Cow

Caylee Seedorf – Champion Crossbred Cow; Interview Finalist

Brandt Malone – Red Ribbon Red & White Aged Cow

Ella Horn – Red Ribbon Red & White Winter or Fall Calf; Interview Finalist

Joie Koll – Blue Ribbon Red & White Winter or Fall Calf

Creed Mursu – Blue Ribbon Milking Shorthorn 2-Year-Old Cow

Jaden Gorentz – Blue Ribbon Ayrshire Winter or Fall Calf

Conrad Koll – Red Ribbon Registered Holstein Winter Yearling

Braeden Malone – Red Ribbon Grade Holstein 3- or 4-Year-Old Cow

Caroline Schwantes – Purple Ribbon Grade Holstein Fall Calf; 10th Place Showmanship

Lucey Minten – Red Ribbon Junior Yearling Meat Breeding Doe

Ayden Muscha – Blue Ribbon Dairy Wether Market Goat

Arewen Dobratz – Reserve Champion Market Ducks

Isaac Geiser – Blue Ribbon Market Pen Turkeys; Interview Finalist

Micah Thompson – Purple Ribbon Mini Lop Senior Buck; Champion Showmanship; Blue Ribbon Livestock Demonstration

Gabriel Thompson – Blue Ribbon Mini Lop Senior Doe

Moriah Geiser – Reserve Champion Registered Columbia Yearling Ewe; Interview Finalist; Reserve Champion Showmanship

Dixie Dykhoff – Champion Registered Dorset Yearling Ewe

Elijah Geiser -Blue Ribbon Registered Other Breeds February Ewe Lamb

Rowland Dykhoff – Champion Registered Other Breeds Yearling Ewe

Izak Schermerhorn – Champion White and Speckled Face Commercial Ewe Lamb

Aiden Meech – Purple Ribbon Black Face Market Lamb

General Encampment 


Aiden Meech – Blue Ribbon Home Environment

Alex Pavola – Blue Ribbon Boys & Girls Club 4-H Adventures

Alexis Rudolph – Blue Ribbon Crafts

Arewen Dobratz – Blue Ribbon Exploring Animals

Aubrey Rovig – Red Ribbon Boys & Girls Club 4-H Adventures

Cade Strege – Blue Ribbon Photography

Dixie Dykhoff – Purple Ribbon Photography

Ella Horn – Blue Ribbon Needle Arts

Eva Blashack – Blue Ribbon Purchased Clothing

Hannah Siepker – Red Ribbon Fine Arts

Hazel Dykhoff – Blue Ribbon Self-Determined

Isaac Blashack – Purple Ribbon Creative Writing

Jacob Menze – Red Ribbon Corn

Jacqueline Holzer – Blue Ribbon Boys & Girls Club 4-H Adventures

Janiyah Downing – Red Ribbon Boys & Girls Club 4-H Adventures

Josi Mindermann – Blue Ribbon Photography

Kadence Matzke – Blue Ribbon Boys & Girls Club 4-H Adventures

Kaitlynn Dittmann – Blue Ribbon Safety

Kylie Jacobson – Blue Ribbon Flower Gardening

Lucey Minten – Blue Ribbon Safety

Macey Lachowitzer – Blue Ribbon Boys & Girls Club 4-H Adventures

Moriah Geiser – Purple Ribbon Fine Arts

Myrissa Guenther – Purple Ribbon Fashion Revue; Red ribbon Purchased Clothing

Natalie ODay – Blue Ribbon Fine Arts

Nathan Blashack – Blue Ribbon Foods

Pauline Manning – Blue Ribbon Boys & Girls Club 4-H Adventures

Rachel Tumberg – Blue Ribbon Photography

Rose Tumberg – Purple Ribbon Performing Arts

Scarlet Trejo – Blue Ribbon Boys & Girls Club 4-H Adventures

Troy Brandsma – Blue Ribbon Woodworking

William Brandsma – Blue Ribbon Photography

Ottertail Lakers 4-H Club – Blue Ribbon Community Pride, Red Ribbon Banner