Goeden’s transform yard into flower lovers dream

Photo by Chad Koenen
Matt Goeden displays some of the flowers that decorate the front yard of his home near downtown Henning. 

By Chad Koenen


An otherwise mundane corner near downtown Henning has received a dash of color this summer, and in the process, has brought a bit of cheer to those who pass by the busy stretch of road in Henning.

Matt and Cathy Goeden have transformed their yard near the corner of Douglas Ave and Front St. into a brightly colored garden featuring hanging flower baskets and planters decorate their yard. 

The flowers were raised at their greenhouse, Goeden’s Greenhouse in Henning, and brought to their home throughout the spring and summer. 

Photo by Chad Koenen
Matt Goeden stands in front of his home near downtown Henning. He has put a number of flower and hanging baskets outside of the property.

Located along the back parking lot of First National Bank in Henning, as well as across from the car wash and city hall, Matt Goeden has received a number of positive comments from people in the community about bringing so many colorful flowers to town. 

Goeden said flowers have a unique way to bring cheer to people and he is just doing his part to try and give people a reason to smile.

“I just feel great about making everybody’s day and making them smile, or whatever (flowers) do. “They are for my wife and I really was just excited to have a spot where everybody could see them.”

Matt Goeden

In addition to having flowers at their greenhouse, as well as the laundromat in Henning, the Goedens began displaying the large collection of flowers at their home this summer. 

Goeden hopes the additional flowers in town will be contagious as people will look to plant more flowers, or have more planters at businesses and homes in Henning to help and brighten up the community in future years.