Library Happenings

Henning School

August 27  is National “Just Because Day.” With summer winding down and school thoughts beginning to sneak into our brains, we hope that you will use these last two columns of the summer on National celebration days to act on their titles.

“Just Because” is a great reason to do just about anything! Put together a “self care package” made up of essential oils, bath soaps, lotions, flavored tea, a new fuzzy towel and a special mug. Make a “reusable bag” gift and fill it full of french bread, homemade spaghetti sauce and your favorite noodles to share with a friend.  

Gather items for a “care package for our troops” and fill it full of lip balm, jerky, stamps, hard candy, sample size products. Purchase five of the same books and share them with your friends and have your own “book club.”  

Think outside the box and share some chocolate or popcorn with someone you may never have thought to do this with that you know gives a great deal of their time to others. The whole point of “Just Because Day” is to just do it. Think of someone else and just do something just because.