Vining History Center is open on Friday afternoons

A new sign was recently installed at the Vining Community Center to inform the public of the history center inside. The history center is open on Friday afternoons from 1-4 p.m. 

A  recent  visitor  to to the Vining Community History  Center recently said it was one of the best kept secrets in the region. 

“This  History Center is the best kept secret in  Vining.  I think you have to let people know  it  is  here,” said Lyle Stinson. 

A newcomer to this area, Stinson suggested the history center should have an outdoor sign to inform the public that Vining had  an interesting  place for  people  to visit.  Stinson proceeded to check out   the possibilities that would  work, received  Vining City Council approval, and  finally  oversaw the installation of  the new sign  which now is displayed  on the exterior of the Vining Community Center.   The Espeland Foundation, various memorial funds and donations given to the history center covered the expense of  the project.

Since  opening  in  2006 the history center has been fortunate to receive  pieces of  furniture  and articles   related to the early  residents of the  community of  Vining. The history center also has coverage of Karen Nyberg’s (the local astronaut) trips to space.  The facility has family records, books,  pictures, files and information available for folks seeking  family  and genealogy information. Individuals and groups have enjoyed the opportunity to discover more about their early ancestors.   

The Vining Community History Center is open on Friday afternoons from 1-4 p.m. The facility  will be open on Watermelon  Day,  Aug. 20. The facility can also be viewed by an appointment by contacting Janice Saetre at (218) 769-4432.