A code talker was a person employed by the military during wartime to use a little-known langauge as a means of secret communication. The term is now usually associated with United States service members during the world wars who used their knowledge of Native American langauges as a basis to transmit coded messages

A person using a little known langauge used in wartime as a way to secretly communicate is called a Code Talker.  This is especially associated with Native American langauges and service members who transmit coded messages.  In honor of them, we celebrate 

August 14 as Navajo Code Talkers Day.  This week we are featuring the book “Code Word Courage” by Kirby Larson.  

The book jacket cover reads, “Billie has lived with her great-aunt, Doff, ever since her mom passed away and her dad left.  Billie’s big brother, Leo, is about to leave, too, for the warfront.  but first, she gets one more weekend with him at the ranch.  Billie’s disappointed when Leo brings home his friend Denny, a fellow Marine from boot camp.  She has so much to ask Leo-about losing her best friend and trying to find their father-but Denny, who is Navajo, comes with something special:  a gorgeous, but injured, stray dog.  

“As Billie cares for the dog, whom they name Bear, she and Bear grow deeply attached to each other.  Soon enough, it’s time for both Leo and Denny, who serves as a Navajo Code Talker, to ship out.  Billie does her part for the war effort, but she worries whether Leo and Denny will make it home, whether she’ll find a new friend, and if her father will ever come back.  Can Bear help Billie-and Denny-discover what’s most important?  

“In this wonderfully heartwarming story of friendship, love, and courage, Newbery Honor-winning author Kirby Larson delivers a powerful tale about unsung heroism both on the battlefield and on the home front.” 

Have an amazing week Otter Tail County.