Contributed photos

Members of the Henning Class of 1952 held their 70th high school reunion on Friday, July 15. Attending the reunion was: front row: Jan (Froslee) Saetre, Anita (Sauck) Peterson, Phyllis (Anderson) Gaustad, Phyllis (Amundson) Peterson, Marlin Brutlag and Barb (Albright) Grover. Back row: Arlene (Aune) Henry, Irm (Meyer) Perkins, Josephine (Barker) Price, Joanne (Lueders) Brockopp, Don Stueve and Joan (Whiting) Fosse. Unable to attend the reunion were: Alice (Shores) Hervas, Marlys (Olson) Hossele, Eleanor (Peterson) Westerman, Naomi (Olson) Schafer and Ardella (Soel) Griffiths. Members of the Henning Class of 2002 held their 20th reunion on Saturday, July 16 at Amundson Park. A total of 19 members of the Henning Class of 1972 attended their 50th reunion during the Henning Festival. The group graduated with 40 people, of which 10 are now decessed. Attending the reunion was: Barb (Sandahl) Boock, Pat (Heinis) Olson, Julie (Finke) Drouillard, Lois Lang, Karen (Waskosky) Burgett, Monika (Schmidt) Slatten, Karla (Johnson) Guse, Larry Gutknecht, Kathy (Hildreth) Koski, Roxann (Miller) Loser, DeanTrosdahl, Dianne (Trosdahl) Bjerketvedt, Ricky Peterson, Karen (Wheeler) Thayer, Russell Turchin, Martin Friedrich, Richard Grefe and Scott Eckhoff. Not pictured: Gary Loser.