5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Callie Thompson, who is the daughter of Erin Weiss and Reggie Thompson, couldn’t contain a large smile from going across her face as she was crowned Little Miss Henning during Friday’s Henning Festival Coronation. Amanda Morlock was crowned as the Henning Festival Queen. She is the daughter of Duane Morlock and Susan DeVries. 

Henning vandalism under investigation—Nine pools, two trampolines, a bus and playground equipment are just some of the items damaged by a large vandalism spree in Henning during the night of July 9.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, July 16, 1997

Julie Trosdahl was crowned Sunday as the new Henning Area Festival Queen. Her attendants are Miss Congeniality Sasha Ellenson, First Princess Jessi Zarn, and Second Princess Amber Blaeser. They will be Henning’s ambassadors for the next year, attending many festivals and special events, and riding in many parades.

Four generations of the Judd and Rempelberg families and their descendants—representing nine states—just completed their annual family reunion at Buchanan Lake Resort. Variations of the family have been coming to the resort for 50 years. Altogether, 37 members of the family were at the reunion this year, and the number has been in the forties. It all started out with a fishing trip in 1947.

A month of rains on a regular basis has resulted in an improved outlook for area farm crops. “Things have really been on an upturn lately for farmers and crops in genera,” said East Otter Tail County Extension Educator Denzil Cooper. “Recent rainfall has increased the potential of corn, soybeans and alfalfa.”

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, July 21, 1972

A “Concert on the Green” was presented to guests and residents at the Henning Nursing Home Friday afternoon, July 14, by the Junior Band, under the direction of Mr. Richard Hahn. Lunch was served following the concert.

Mrs. Chris (Adora Coffman) King suffered bruises and lost a tooth when she was thrown from her horse Saturday. She was going full speed, and when turning into the Coffman driveway her horse slipped and she was thrown off. An ambulance and doctor came quickly and she was taken to the Lake Region hospital. Mrs. King was able to return home Tuesday. She is a daughter of the Earl Coffmans.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, July 17, 1947

Al Torgerson has accepted his appointment to the board of education of the Henning Schools filling the vacancy caused by the resignation of Ben Albright. Mr. Albright was forced to resign because of his acceptance of a teaching position with the veterans farm training program here.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, July 20, 1922

Sauerkraut will restore lost health, bring you youth if you are old, make you beautiful if you are not, and strong if you are weak, according to the National Kraut Packers association, which is holding 50th annual conention to plan an intensive campaign to advertise the food value sauer kraut and methods of raising the standard of its product.

Martin Meeter of Illinois is president of the association Dr. Harvey Wiley, the food expert, in a letter read to the convention reported: “Cabbage is one of the vegetables which is found to be richest in vitamins. And there is no form in which it can be used to such advantage as in sauerkraut. The American people do not realize the value of cabbage in all its form. Any information which would increase the use of this wonderful vegetable would be for the benefit of the health of the people.”

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, July 22, 1897

The United States ranks fifth among the great naval powers of the world. Great Britain, France, Russia and Italy lead our country in this respect, while Germany falls a little behind us. C. F. Macdonald, editor of the St. Cloud Journal Times has been removed by President McKinley from the office of receiver of the land office at St. Cloud. It is understood that Mr. Macdonald’s term would not have expired until March 1898. Therefore in removing him the rule that incumbents who satisfactorily perform their duties shall be permitted to serve out their term has been set aside in this case. This implies that Macdonald has been derelict or at fault in some official way. But it appears from a letter he has addressed to President McKinley and published that his record is alright and officially endorsed at Washington. It is therefore assumed that he has been removed for political reasons, and this is charged by Macdonald who also calls attention to the plank In the national republican platform declaring that preference shall be given to ex-soldiers in making appointments to office. Macdonald also calls attention to the fact that Congressman Morris, who demanded his removal, was a southern rebel, and that he had been shown preference instead of Macdonald, who was a union soldier during the Civil War and also had a brother in the service. Macdonald is a democrat, of course, and supported Bryan and Sewell last fall in his newspaper, although he did not personally take part in the campaign. His successor in office is Alvah Eastman, editor of the Journal Press, who is an active republican politician and was not a soldier. it appears that Macdonald has made out a clear case in his charge that the profession of the republican party in favor of ex-soldiers as exemplified in its national platform is a hollow pretense and a sham; that it is violated whenever a political purpose can be served and no dependence can be reposed in it.