Lewis family holds reunion at Landmark Center

Photos by Dan Broten
The Lewis family held a reunion at the former home and clinic operated by A.J. and Charles Lewis. Many of the people who gathered said they had fond memories of visiting what is now the Landmark Center as children. During their reunion the family held a Zoom call with family members who could not attend the reunion in person (above). 

By Chad Koenen


The Lewis family returned to the heart of Henning for a family reunion. The family gathered in a place their family once helped to construct.

Just two weeks ago members of the Lewis family came from across the country and converged on the Landmark Center, which was once the home of A.J. Lewis and Charles Lewis when they were doctor’s in Henning. 

A total of nine cousins attended the family reunion with six of the Lewis cousins attending the reunion in person. Three other cousins from the west coast attended the family reunion via Zoom.

Those who attended the reunion, which began June 23, said it was a fun opportunity to stay in some of the same bedrooms that they did as children. While the overall look of the one-time doctor’s office and house has changed a bit over the years, those in attendance at the family reunion said the memories of staying in the Lewis house still remain. 

“It is just wonderful. This place will always be in our hearts,” said Martha Lewis-Hunstiger.

  The original Landmark House was built in 1914, expanded in 1948, and served as residence and medical clinic for doctors A.J. Lewis, Charles Lewis, Jay Kevern, and Jon Wigert.

During those early years, doctors routinely made house calls, while also seeing some patients at the clinic. Since the area wasn’t nearly as developed as it is today, doctors were of up-most importance to help keep people healthy within the immediate area of a community.

The building is now the home of the Landmark Center, which features everything from art exhibits to meeting rooms, a library, kitchen and a place to rent out for overnight stays. There are currently five bedrooms in the Landmark Center for overnight stays and the building was also recently put on the National Register of Historic Places.