July 15 is National Give Something Away Day. We all have things that are sitting in a box somewhere that we just may need someday. Many people have storage units full of items they just have to have.  

What better day than today is there to get something out of your stash and give it away.  When “they” say One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure, this is so true.  

We went to a yard sale last summer and found the most hideous coffee cups. My goodness were they something to look at. I can’t believe that someone would have ever paid money to purchase them in the first place, but my daughter saw those coffee cups and just knew she had to have both of them. Cost her a whole 50 cents for those two cups!  

When Christmas came and I knew that she had drawn my name to give a gift to, I figured I was going to be the lucky owner of two hideous coffee cups.  When I opened the box and they weren’t in it, I was quite surprised ( and relieved). 

Make someone smile today Otter Tail County, find something to share with another person and have a great week while you are at it.