July is National Dog House Repair month. We have a tendency in America to spoil our pets.  Growing up we always had a nice dog house for our dogs.  It was sturdy built, full of straw and faced away from the wind.  

I thought my childhood dogs had a great home, until my wonderful son in law took his old icehouse and converted it to a doghouse with heat for his dog Lady.  This dog is in the lap of luxury in the winter.  She can come and go as she wants, she has her water heated and her food is dry from the elements.  She has carpet on the floor and a nice dog bed to lay on.  

No matter how the wind howls or how deep the snow gets, she can find her safe haven right inside this ice house!  In honor of all the wonderful dogs in the world, we are featuring two books about dogs this week.  

“Boom!: big, big thunder and one small dog” is written by Mary Lun Ray.  This book is about a dog who is very loveable and thinks she is afraid of nothing.  Thunder strikes and suddenly this dog has real fear.  This book is written well and has quite interesting images.  You will find yourself laughing out loud.

“Backward Bird Dog by Bill Wallace” is our second featured book.  The back of the book jacket reads, “Everyone knows a bird dog leads with his nose. Everyone but J.C. After all, what’s a pup supposed to think when he’s welcomed to his new home by a cat who thwacks him on the nose with his claws…a dog who bites him on the nose…a bee sting on his you-know-what and a mad mamma bird who attacks the sorest part of his body with her beak? Poor J.C. All he wants is love…cuddling up to My Justin…a good tummy-scratching by My Bill and My Carol. J.C. wants to make his new family proud. But how can he point with a nose everyone wants to attack? There must be a better way…”

We hope you will find yourself preparing your dog’s house for the seasons to come during National Dog House Repair Month!