By Chad Koenen


The Henning City Council increased its initial offer to the person it hopes will fill the position of city clerk/treasurer.

During a special city council meeting on Monday afternoon, the city council approved increasing the starting salary from $27 an hour to $29 per hour. The council also approved offering four weeks of vacation, instead of just one week. The decision to increase the starting offer came after its top choice for the position, Susan Needham, told Henning Mayor Darren Wiese that her current employer reached out to her and gave her a raise in compensation.

City council members spoke highly of Needham during Monday’s meeting and expressed a desire to have her fill the open position left by former full-time city clerk/treasurer Kim Schroeder. 

Henning City Councilman Jim Haberer said there was obviously a reason Needham’s current employer was trying to keep her employed with their company. While he didn’t have an issue with the increase in compensation, he said he wished the current employee wage/compensation study was completed to see if the additional vacation would be due to other employees as well.

Henning City Councilman Scott Hart said if Needham accepted the position then when the employee wage study is completed then the city needs to talk to department heads and address their compensation as well.

Wiese agreed that once the rate study is completed then the issue of vacation should be addressed with department heads.

Councilwoman Tammy Fosse and councilman Wes Johnson both agreed that Needham was the best candidate for the position. 

The city council gave Needham until Tuesday to let them know of her decision.