5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What began as a one-time experiment to see how many people would attend a free concert in the park has evolved into one of the county’s largest summer concert series. Next week the first of seven free concerts in the community park in Ottertail will get underway, the third year similar concerts have been held.

In a contest between fresh and store-bought eggs, Jon Eckhoff and Colten Ladwig had the last “yolk” recently. In the waning days of their time at Henning High School, the senior students settled a long-standing debate with former music teacher Richard O. Johnson about the difference between farm fresh and store bought eggs.

Lydia Hansen gave her valedictorian speech during Sunday’s commencement at Henning High School on Sunday. In addition to Hansen, 35 students graduated from Henning High School on Sunday.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, May 28, 1997

Clay Montella stands in front of his Ever Green Lawns Irrigation vehicle. And the vehicle is in front of the newly-expanded building into which the business moved this spring—that of All Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning in Ottertail. Montella’s wife, Stacy, is a partner in the business. In addition to irrigation, the business has also recently become a Tidewater Pool dealer.

The Folden Township Board has a new supervisor and is scheduled to have a new board chairman in the near future. Dale Olson has been appointed to the board to replace 22-year veteran Supervisor Roger Fromming, who had been chairman. Fromming has moved out of Folden Township, to Parkers Prairie. A new chairman is scheduled to be elected, from among the three current supervisors, at an upcoming meeting.

Diplomas were presented to members of the Henning High School class of 1997 at Sunday’s graduation ceremony. School board member Linda Trosdahl handed diplomas to each graduate.

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, June 1, 1972

The First Baptist church has purchased the Bondy house on the corner of Holden Avenue and Third Street in Henning. Present plans are for remodeling the home into a youth center. Mrs. Ardis Olson, who occupied the house, has moved to the Dr. C. A. Boline farm, south of town.

A new manufacturing enterprise has been started in Henning that presently is featuring the making of novel picture frames under the auspices of Cord-Loc, Inc. The frames are molded and cut by special machines with special grooves for string that will hold the frames together with no nails or glue. Owners of Cord-Loc who are, Eugene and Dennis Volden, Kenneth Nyberg and Arthur Espeland are hopeful this product will be marketable in the near future. The manufacturing will be done in the Oscarson building, formerly known as Thelen Implement.

Henning sewer bonds were let last week to the E. J. Prescott Co. of Minneapolis for a total amount of $219,000. The bids were let in a series of two, namely A and B. The A series was for $65,000 for 20 years, the average interest being 4.9307 percent. The B series is for $154,000 over 20 years at average interest of 5.1539 percent. The two separate bids were made in case more government funds are available and could be paid off earlier. One federal grant has already been made.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, June 1, 1947

Ben Albright and Dr. E. C. Perreten were reelected to the Henning School Board. The votes were as follows: Perreten 81, Albright 69 and Marion Trana 60.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, June 1, 1922

The commercial club held its regular monthly meeting Monday eveni

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, June 3, 1897

Most any man can be an editor. All the editor has to do is to sit at his desk six days a week, four weeks in a month and twelve months in the year and edit such stuff as this: “Mrs. Jones of Cactus Creek let a can opener slip last week and cut herself in the pantry. A mischievous lad of Piketon threw a stone and cut Mr. Pike in the alley last Tuesday. Joe Doe climbed on the roof of his house last week looking for a leak, and fell striking himself on the back porch.”

Their meeting was mutual. She being immediately attracted by his magnetic personality, while he was not repelled, for his lips soon made contact with hers, and the sparking grew intense. He proposed with lightning-like precision then they were united. Their friends were electrified. Wasn’t it shocking?

125 years ago

Ottertail City Record

May 1872

The season of fish stories has arrived.

Kindness to the neighbor’s dog is a potent preserver of peace.

John Mills who lives about seven miles northwest of this village was killed Sunday morning by a horse. Mr. Mills went to the barn to feed his horses in the morning and it is supposed, while he was going behind them one of them kicked him in the back and killed him. He was about 85 years old.