Items collected was donated to Soles4Souls program

Contributed photo
Becca Frederick sits next to some of shoes she collected as part of her National Honor Society project.

By Chad Koenen


Becca Frederick transformed several hundred old shoes into a new opportunity for people in need. As part of her National Honor Society project, the Henning High School junior collected approximately 700 pairs of shoes, which were placed into 30 boxes for the Soles4Souls program. 

Frederick, who is the daughter of Brian and Hannah Frederick of Vining, put Henning School students to work as she had a contest at the school. The grade that collected the most shoes was awarded a prize. The fifth grade collected the most shoes with 150 pairs, followed by the first grade with 83 pairs of shoes. 

Contributed photo
Becca Frederick bags and boxed all of the shoes she collected as part of her National Honor Society proejct.

Frederick said she was surprised and pleased by the amount of shoes she collected as part of her project. There was a total of 665 pairs of shoes that were collected as part of the shoe drive. 

Soles4Souls collects shoes and clothing, and distributes them to people in need across the United States and the world. They also allow people to sell and reuse the items that would otherwise collect dust in a house, or find their way to a dump.

Frederick said the organization provided her an opportunity to give back to people who were in need.

“I decided to do something for people who didn’t have much,” she said.

She thanked everyone who helped and volunteered as part of her NHS project, as well as those who donated their old shoes for the Soles4Souls program.