5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

For Frank Zerr, delivering packages for the United States Post Office wasn’t about how fast he could get from Point A to Point B, it was about the people and ability to bring a smile to the face of a friend. Zerr retired from the Deer Creek and Henning Post Office routes on Friday and was presented with a certificate for his 34 years of service to the postal service.

The Trinity building will host its first style show on Saturday afternoon in Henning. The Save the Trinity building group will host a spring style show featuring outfits and apparel for children and adults. 

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, April 30, 1997

Henning area volunteers are being recruited to help with the cleaning up of flood-devastated Breckenridge this Saturday, May 3. The flooding Red River and melting ice and snow has caused more than 400 of the 3,700 residents of Breckenridge to be evacuated. Damage has been so great that it cannot be estimated.

Flood Guests—Red River Valley families who had to leave their homes because of record flooding have found a haven at Lutheran Island Camp.

Busy Day for Firemen—Three fires demanded the attentions of Ottertail and Henning firemen within a short period of time Friday afternoon. The Ottertail firemen handled a grass fire on the Mike Burson property of Highway 61. Firemen had to work to keep the fire away from nearby buildings. Ottertail firemen also responded to a lawnmower fire on the Leonard Misegades farm on Highway 108. Misegades was using the lawnmower when it caught fire. Henning firemen handled a grass fire on the Matt Tikkanen property south of Henning on County Road 65. 

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, May 4, 1972

Spring primary has been in session since March 22 and will continue for eight weeks. Miss Jeanette Albright, a spring graduate from St. Cloud State College, is the instructor. Miss Albright has 29 pupils with 16 attending the morning class and 13 in the afternoon class. The classes are held in the lobby of the new gym.

May 9 at 8 p.m. Redeemer Church in Almora will begin a confirmation class for adults. The classes will be held in the church every Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m. and will last about an hour. The course will last about 16 weeks at which time those who attend may decide if they will become members of the Lutheran Church. These classes are open to all in the area.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, May 4, 1947

The Henning School Board has announced the hiring of Mr. Stanley Vejtasa of Lancaster to the position of superintendent at Henning for the next school term. Mr. Vejtasa will arrive here with his wife and one child about July 1. He is a young man about 36 years of age and has been at Lancaster for three years. It will be remembered that Supt. M. T. Langemo resigned some time ago and will get into the newspaper business.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, May 4, 1922

D. J. Ruby has been acting as relief agent at the Soo in the absence of Agent Keefer. Mr. Keefer is suffering from rheumatism and is taking treatment at the Shakopee mud baths.

Break up that cold with Laxative Aspirin Cold tablets 25 cents a box.

There’s a small matter which some of our subscribers have seemingly forgotten. To us it is necessary in our business. We are very modest and do not wish to speak of it, but we know positively that those of our subscribers, of whom you are undoubtedly one who peruse these few lines, will not require over three guesses to know what we in our diffident, hesitating way are so delicately trying to imply.

Willow Creek, which drains the Inman Lake country and flows through this town, has been spreading itself for some time. Water enough has been going through it to make a small river. The big cement culverts were unable to handle the great volume of water and the back waters have formed small lakes. Since the big ditch has been built it gives the waters a freer and quicker passage from the large swamps to the east.

125 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, May 6, 1897

The Centennial exposition at Nashville, Tenn. will be opened next Saturday, May 1, by President McKinley pressing the button.

No wonder wheat is on the boom. China has ordered and has been sent 2,000 barrels of Otter Tail county flour. They may want more when they get a taste of it.

150 years ago

Ottertail City Record

April 1872

The bright sun and warm winds of the past week have completely rotted the ice on the lake, and it is now unsafe for man and beast.

The Otter Tail River, between Rush Lake and this place is literally swarming with wild ducks, but they are very wild, and good shots at them can only be obtained by a strategy.

A private letter from Negawnoma tells us that the weather there during the past week has been delightful. Wild ducks and geese, maple sugar and Chippewa Indians are getting abundant.

A little story comes from Detroit (Lakes) which has a severe moral for those parents who are wont to disregard the fears of their children. A father and mother went away in the evening and left their little four year old boy alone, although he begged piteously to be taken, because he was afraid of the wolves and bears. They came back and found the child had become insane from fright, and is likely to be a moping idiot for the rest of his days.