Elections were held earlier in March 

Township residents made their way to their respective halls Tuesday, March 8 to fulfill their civic duty by voting for township officials. 

Compton Township

A total of 10 voters made their way to the Compton hall to cast their votes for Maryann Line to serve a two year term as clerk and Marlyn Martin for a three year term as supervisor.

Deer Creek Township

A total of 10 voters showed up to vote in Cheri Tumberg for a two year term as clerk and to cast their ballot for the supervisor position. 

Daryl Zeise, who held the supervisor position, ran against William Grieger and both received five votes a piece. A coin flip was held to make the final decision and Grieger was elected to the position.

Leaf Lake Township

As two positions came up for election, Dawn Lueders retained her position as clerk for another two years and Paul Friedrich retained his position as supervisor for another three years. 16 total voters showed up to vote.

Otter Tail Township

A total of 10 voters showed up to re-elect Greg Swanberg for a two year clerk position and David Hanson for a three year supervisor position. 

Henning Township

A total of 11 people votedin Henning Township on March 8. 

Jeff Arndt received 11 votes to win the election for as a supervisor for three years.

Karen Stueve was elected as clerk for two years with 10 votes, while there was one write-in vote for clerk. 

Elmo Township

A total of 12 people voted in Elmo Township. Alan Westad received all 12 votes to be elected as a supervisor, while Julie Rapp received all 12 votes for clerk.