5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

After eight months of construction, members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Henning will be trading their office chair in the fellowship hall for a familiar pew on Sunday morning. The church, which was originally built in 1897, underwent an approximately $1 million reconstruction project to transform it into a modern facility for a new generation. But through all of the Sunday worships in the fellowship hall, funerals at other churches in town, and even some unforeseen challenges just days into the construction process, the members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church are eagerly beginning a new chapter in its history.

A large line waited patiently for fish during the first of three fish fires at St. Edward’s Catholic Church in Henning on Friday night. Proceeds from the fish fry will benefit St. Edward’s Catholic Church and the Henning community.

The path to increasing the height of a fence aimed at increasing safety for pilots became a bit clearer last week. During a special city council meeting on Wednesday morning, members of the city council heard from Melissa Underwood of Bolton and Menk, as well as representatives from the Henning EAA group, about future plans at the airport. The meeting came just over six weeks after another special meeting about the airport layout plan and fence surrounding the facility was held.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, March 12, 1997

Six members of the Henning Business Professionals of America received Statesman Awards for participation in nine areas of BPA activities. They are Chrystal Ohlrogge, Greta Nyhus, Denise Deckert, Missy Klever, Henry Montplaisir, and Amber Blaeser. Deckert also placed third in the Member of the Year Contest and Klever placed seventh in the Cost Accounting Contest.

Henning FLA/FHA received a Region 6 Chapter trophy at the March 10 mid-winter meeting in Barnesville. Advancing to the state level with gold medals were Nicole Cordes, Sheree Rach, Lisa Witt and Becky Uhren. Julie Trosdahl and Tena Eckhoff placed first in the talent competition with a duet, also advancing to state.

Community members thinking about buying a home are invited to attend a three-part workshop designed to help learn all of the basics of home ownership. Home Stretch, a joint effort of area lenders, real estate professionals and other housing professionals, will cover a variety of topics. Participants will analyze their housing needs to help them determine whether or not to buy a home, discuss how to obtain a mortgage loan, learn ways to budget and save for home ownership, and review some basics for home maintenance.

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, March 16, 1972

Miss Jeanette Albright has accepted the position of spring primary teacher at Henning School. Miss Albright attended high school in Benson. She is attending St. Cloud State College and will graduate March 17, with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in elementary teaching. Her minor is in business education. Spring primary begins March 22.

Ottertail People Hospitalized—Mrs. Bernie Rasmussen who is housekeeper at the Wilmer Ohlrogge farm, had the misfortune of slipping on the ice on the streets in Perham Friday. She was hospitalized for several days at the Memorial Hospital with a concussion and eye injury. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Luhning took their daughter, Roxanne to the University Heart Hospital where she underwent heart surgery Monday.

Dr. J. L. Kevern and Dr. C. W. Lewis of Henning are shown following the lecture presented at Wesley Hospital on March 8 by Dr. Arnold Leonard, Chief of Pediatric Surgery at the University Hospitals. Dr. Leonard’s topic for the program was Pediatric Surgical Emergencies.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, March 16, 1947

Modernization of equipment, a program interrupted by the war and scarcity of materials, is going ahead full steam on the Soo Line. New seats of the most modern type are being installed in many of our coaches. Richly upholstered in pleasing colors, these seats are engineered to provide greater comfort during long distance coach travel.

Other features include: new wall and ceiling decorations, new flooring, hat-racks, roomy luggage compartments and new plumbing and porcelain fixtures in toilet compartments.

These distinctive improvements have just been installed in the Soo Line Winnipeger crack train between St. Paul-Minneapolis and Winnipeg and will soon be seen in other Soo Line services.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, March 15, 1922

Bobbed tresses, silk stockings and short skirts are taboo in the big plan of the National Cash Register people at Dayton, Ohio. Some of the men folks have apparently been forgetting to ring up the coin, their attention being distracted by the display of feminine charms.

An exchange says Missourians are more profane than the people of any other state. Well, that’s where the mules come from.

We found the following classified ad in last Sunday’s paper: For Sale: Bulldog—Very fond of children, Will eat anything.

150 years ago

Ottertail city news

Thursday, March 16, 1872

Over six hundred dollars worth of young fruit trees will be set out on the farms to the different settlers in the town of Rush Lake in this country this spring.

We hear it intimated that there is some talk of starting a new newspaper at Fergus Falls in this county. As Fergus Falls is rapidly growing and already thriving and prosperous place, her businessmen must feel the need of a reliable home organ and advertising medium. An honest, respectably conducted newspaper at that place would doubtless be a paying institution from the start.

What is the difference between half a glass of water and a broken engagement? One is not filled full, and the other is not fulfilled.

Four members of the Yale senior class have been indefinitely suspended for snowballing passers by.