Dog obedience class to get underway for dogs three months and older

Please contact the Henning Public School at 583-2927, ext. 8000 for more information or to register for the following classes:

• Make over your medicine cabinet: Learn how to make a medicine cabinet healthy by replacing chemical and synthetic medications with all natural and more effective products. Class participants will receive a sample goodie bag.  The class is scheduled for Monday, March 14 from 6-7 p.m. at the Henning School. Class fee is $7. Registration deadline is March 9.  

• Basics of good cooking: This is a four-night class that focuses on four essential elements of cooking: salt, fat, acid, and heat. The following dishes will be made over the course of the four nights: Tuscan Pasta Salad, Southern Style Fried Chicken; Mexican Style Street Tacos and Brazillian Cheese Bread. Contact the Henning School for a supply list. Bring a container for leftovers. The classes are scheduled for Tuesdays, March 15, 22, 29 and April 5 at 6 p.m. at the Henning Community Center. Registration deadline is March 9

• Dog obedience: This class is for puppies and dogs or handlers that are new to obedience training. Dogs from 3 months and older may participate.  Participants will work on basic healing, sit, stay, and down commands on leash and socializing with other dogs and trainers. People will need to bring a 6 foot leather or nylon leash (large dogs need a leather leash) and flat buckle or training (choker style) collar. Dogs must be leash trained. All dogs attending class are required to be current on rabies, DHLPP and bordetella vaccinations. Verification of these vaccinations at the first class is required. The class is scheduled for Thursdays, March 17, 24, 31, April 7 and 14 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Henning Community Center. The class fee is $45. Registration deadline is March 10.

• Driving Skills for Seniors:  (Taking an 8-hour Driving Skills course is a pre-requisite for this class). This senior driving class will be a review of the Minnesota state laws and road signs, in addition to essential defensive driving techniques that may help you avoid a crash. According to the Minnesota state law, people age 55 and older who complete this state-approved defensive driving course are eligible to receive a 10 percent, three-year discount on auto insurance.  This class consists of lecture, videos, and discussions.  There is no behind-the-wheel driving and no tests.  Class is taught by a state-approved instructor with over 27 years of experience of training drivers. The class is scheduled for Thursday, March 24 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Henning Community Center. The class fee is $20. Registration deadline is March 17.

• Maple 101: This course is designed for the backyard hobby producer who just wants to start out in maple syruping and wants to put out a few taps. This course will focus on bucket collection techniques and will get into some tubing lessons but will not go into much detail into commercial production.  In this class, you will learn how to identify a maple tree, tap a tree, collect the sap, process the sap and bottling. The class is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29 from 6-8 p.m. at the Henning School. Class fee is $10.Registration deadline is March 22.  

• Game night:  Come and enjoy a few fun evenings of playing games and maybe learning some new ones. This would make a great family fun night, but is open to anyone in first grade and up that love playing games. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and play a variety of games such as pinochle, cribbage, chess or backgammon. There will also be a variety of other board games, etc. on hand. Class participants will help determine which games are played. Game nights are scheduled for Mondays, April 4, 11, 25 and May 2 from 6-7 p.m. at the Henning School. Fee is $5 per person/family per night. Register by March 28

• Cut the Cable: Are you paying too much for cable?  Do you want to watch the same channels at a much lower cost or even free. Participants in this class will discuss what people need for devices to get the free channels and what they will need for streaming options. The class guide will show how their family went from paying a $180 cable bill per month to around $58 per month. The class is scheduled for Monday, April 4 from 6-8 p.m. at the Henning School. Class fee is $10.  Registration deadline is March 28.

• Need a New PC?: Do you know what you need for a new PC? What does CPU, RAM and SSD even mean? Participants will go over everything a person needs to know to purchase a new PC, how to set it up and remove anything that isn’t needed so a new PC will run as fast as possible. The class is scheduled for Monday, March 28 from 6-8 p.m. at the Henning School. Class fee is $10. Registration deadline is March 21.

• DIY Easter Wreath: Come out and join this group for a fun filled evening of creating an Easter wreath and socializing! No craft experience? No problem! One of Art Bar 39’s professional artists will be at the class to guide participants step by step through the process of creating a unique masterpiece. The class is scheduled for Monday, March 28 starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Henning School.  Class fee is $42.  Registration deadline is March 21. 

• Book Club: Do you like to read? Do you enjoy lively discussions about what you’ve read? Are you looking to find a group of people who share your interest and love of reading? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should give the book club a try. The book club will meet once a month. Its first meeting will be Thursday, March 24 at 7 p.m. in the Henning School Library. On March 24, participants will develop some group guidelines, pick up the first month’s book, choose the next book and schedule a meeting time for the following month. Organizers are excited to partner with Viking Library System where the book club can order a group set of 10 books, therefore, class size is limited to 10 participants. Please register by March 17.  

• DIY Wooden Easter Picture Frame and Bunny Basket Painting class for kids: This class is open to children of all ages. Class participants will paint a wooden Easter picture frame and a bunny basket. The class is scheduled for Monday, March 28 at 3:15 in the Henning School Art Room. Class fee is $16. Registration deadline is March 21.