Fourth graders design, create unique inventions

Ryan Emter’s fourth graders at Henning School recently completed a four week unit on the human body, famous scientists and how inventions/discoveries have changed the world. Each student had to study a famous scientist and write a biography about the scientist’s path to fame. 

Using the inspiration taken from the scientists, the students then had to come up with their very own invention that would make their lives better. There were a lot of great ideas and creative thinking being used in developing new innovative products. 

Here is the complete list of inventions: 

• Ady Bergstrom- Animal Translator

• Olivia DeYonge- Lego Sorter

• Tori Dittberner- Flash Matter

• Jocelyn Doll- Eye Contacts

• Joseph Godding- Egglevator

• Katara Haspel- Apple Charger

• Abigail Jones-Bartells- Tissue Machine

• Beckam Koep- Injury Prevention Sleeves

• Civic Limanen- Flying Car

• Jacobi Saari- Hair Brusher

• Brodyn Schmidgall- Shovel Melter

• Nolan Wendland- UltiPuter

• Tucker Balbach- Pepsi Printer

• Lebron Calva-Holeton- POC

• Alex Castro- Fishermans Recycler

• Gwen Christensen- Earring Earbuds

• Adoni Franco Maldonado- Car Bringer 930

• Aaliyah O’Dea- Hamster Hideout

• Addisen Ogle- Haircut Machine

• Kaitlyn Scott- Remote Finder

• Gabe Stueve- Pizza Maker 5,000

• Harper Umland- Small Travel Kit

Contributed photo

Some of the top inventions by fourth grade students this year included: Front row: Hailey Fiskum Light Clean, Brooklynn Nyhus Spice Dispenser, Lily Grieger Lost and Found, Shadley Bunkowski Cattle Show Simulator and Meghan Sparks Kid Safe Ride. Back row: Everett Horn Scan Fix, Aidan Olson Roll-A-Homer and Jaeger Sapp Snack-O-Matic.