Henning ended season with a game against Menahga

The seventh grade junior high girls basketball team included: Front row: #11 Jazmine Saari, #21 Zoey Gruber, #22 Abbi Godding and #4 Alivia Emter. Middle row: 15 Haley Hanson, #10 Hallie Weller, #14 Brynn Reinbold, #2 Addison Bode and #1 Bella Olson. Back row: #3 Brooke Kline, #12 Ella Horn, Coach Ryan Emter, Coach Ida Rogers-Ferguson, #35 Lily Smith and #4 Alona Reinbold.

The Henning Hornet junior high girl’s basketball teams wrapped up their seasons losing both games to Menahga. 

The seventh grade team went 3-7 on the year, while the eighth grade team was 2-9. Both teams were playing hard down the stretch, but have a lot of work to do on the offensive end this offseason to get even more competitive.

The seventh grade team was composed of two seventh graders: Alona Reinbold and Hallie Weller. Both these girls made tremendous gains and were able to see the ball start going through the net at the end of the year which is always fun to see. 

The eighth grade junior high girls basketball team included: Front row: #5 Grace Jacobs, #32 Cambrie Johnson and #22 Elin Smith. Middle row: #21 Emmalyn Bergstrom, #24 Isabelle Godding, #30 Macy Oseien and #1 Monica Hansen. Back row: Coach Ida Rogers-Ferguson, Coach Ryan Emter and Myiesha Antoni.

As a result of only having two seventh graders, the sixth graders were brought up to help. The sixth graders include Zoey Gruber, Haley Hanson, Brynn Reinbold, Ella Horn, Bella Olson, Abbigail Godding, Alivia Emter, Addison Bode and Jazmine Saari. 

These girls were able to get valuable practice time and a lot of good game experience playing with the seventh graders.

The eighth grade team was composed of eight eighth graders: Elin Smith, Isabelle Godding, Cambrie Johnson, Grace Jacobs, Monica Hansen, Macy Oseien, Myiesha Antoni and Emmalyn Bergstrom. 

It was a real up and down year for these girls. They would should glimpses of it coming together at times and then the next game they would take a step backwards. The team will look to become more consistent next year and build on the gains they have made this year. 

The coaches are looking forward to seeing what these girls can do in the future.