Free give away to be held Saturday at Woodshed

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The Ottertail Rod and Gun Club will be hosting a free bird seed giveaway on Saturday at the Woodshed. The giveaway is just another way the group is trying to give back to the community. They also give away trees each spring at the Woodshed as well.

By Chad Koenen


As the old saying goes, you can’t get anything for free anymore—unless, of course, that free thing is a giant bag of sunflower seeds. 

On Saturday, the Ottertail Rod and Gun Club will be bringing back a popular bird seed giveaway. The promotion was held several years ago and was extremely popular at the time. The group got away from the giveaway a few years ago, but member Gary Hunter brought up the idea of bringing back the popular giveaway as a way to help birds after a difficult winter. 

“People would line up for blocks to get bird seed,” said Ottertail Rod and Gun Club member Dave Walden. “We have a member that was involved in it back then. He said it has been a hard winter and the birds need some seed so let’s do it.”

As part of the giveaway, the Ottertail Rod and Gun Club will be providing 50 pound bags of sunflower seeds to the first 400 vehicles that show up to the Woodshed Bar and Grill on March 5. The giveaway will begin at 10 a.m. It is open to all area residents and people do not necessarily need to live in Ottertail to get the free bag of bird seed. The bags will be given away on a first come, first serve basis.

Walden said the free bags of seed are not only a way to give back to the community, but to support conservation and the wildlife. The group also holds a free tree giveaway each spring in Ottertail as yet another way to give back to the community. 

“We have a lot of people who support us with their gambling so we are trying to give money back to those who support us,” said Walden.