5 years ago

Citizen’s Advocate

Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017

Elementary students who are falling behind in the classroom will get some additional help at Henning School next fall. During its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday night, the Henning School Board approved the implementation of an intervention program. The program will target elementary students who are below their current grade level. The program is based on a model at the Morris School District, which representatives from Henning have visited several times over the past couple of month.

Jumping in the lake at Lutheran Island Camp is an almost everyday activity for campers in the summer months. However, jumping in during the winter is a one-day event—the Polar Plunge. Lutheran Island Camp has been hosting this event as a fun winter activity and as a fundraiser as well. People jump into the frozen-over lake to raise money for a variety of causes.

One of Henning’s most iconic, but rarely utilized structures, could soon be coming down. Situated in the heart of the city park in Henning, the large white band gazebo that was once a hub for live music in the region, has went unused for a number of years. “It hasn’t been used for its intended purpose for a long, long time,” said Henning Mayor Jim Hermanson. Facing a decision about what to do with impending repairs, as well as finding a solution to bringing more shade and seating to the popular park, the Henning City Council could sell the structure as soon as April.

25 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, Feb. 26, 1997

Henning Public School is expected to have approximately the same number of students during the next school year as it does now, but it will have a different principal or administrative assistant. At the Feb. 18 meeting of the Henning School Board, Principal Randy Riemer presented a report on next year’s anticipated school enrollment. He also commented on his letter which informs board members that he plans to step out of his administrative assistant position and return next year to his former social studies teaching-coaching job.

For almost three-quarters of a century, the gas station-garage on the City of Ottertail’s main street has been owned by the Lueders family. Strating next month, that will change. Eldin Lueders has sold Lueders Service Station to John Blume of Perham and Jeff Wells of Richville. Blume and Wells are taking over the station in March, and Wells will run it. They will call it Ottertail Gas & Repair. The transaction does not include the bulk fuel service, which will continue to be owned and operated by Tim Lueders.

50 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, March 2 1972

Henning athletes and cheerleaders will be the guests of honor when the annual community banquet will be held Saturday, March 4 at 7 p.m. in the school auditorium. Rickets went on sale this week at various business places in Henning. The price is $2.50 for adults and $1.25 for students. A local program of entertainment has been planned. It includes music by the high school stage band and several of the top speech students in humorous interpretation will preform. Harvest Queen Barbara Sandahl will be on hand to tell of her trip to the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Baked ham with all the trimmings is set for the menu. Superintendent Jens Ree is chairman of the banquet committee and in charge of the arrangements.

The Henning Hornets will meet Deer Creek in the first round tournament play. Head Coach Dick Steensland will be starting Dave Brutlag, Bob Winkler, John Prigge, Randy Hermanson, and either Jon Finke or Vince Whitley.

75 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, March 2, 1947

Ash trays carelessly dumped are often the cause of fires in waste baskets.

Eggs should be kept at a temperature between 32 and 45 degrees.

To keep files sharp see that their surfaces are protected when not in use.

To make gloss paint flow more readily, place the container in a pan of warm water for ten minutes.

To prevent lime from forming in the tea kettle, place a piece of muslin in the bottom of the kettle. The lime will stick to the muslin instead of to the kettle.

Build your rural mail box just high enough so the carrier can reach it conveniently without getting out of his car. Underneath the box construct a small platform for the reception of packages. An ideal platform is 14×18 inches.

Wet walls inside a home should cause the householder to check the flashings. Also examine the exterior walls for holes or breaks.

100 years ago

The Henning Advocate

Thursday, March 1, 1922

The Henning school girls basketball team met the Park Region Luther college girls at Fergus Falls last evening defeating the college girls by a score of 8 to 20. The Henning girls are establishing a reputation for themselves. They have beaten everything in their own pumpkin patch and are now extending their successful activities to wider territory. Their motto is “We Will Bring Home the Bacon.”

Thelma Johnson invited twelve of her little girl friends last Friday afternoon to help her celebrate her 9th birthday.

150 years ago

Ottertail city news

Thursday, March 2, 1872

A new newspaper The Brainerd Tribune, has made its appearance from the “City of the Pines.” It is Republican in politics, edited by M. C. Russell and is spicy and entertaining in it’s make-up.

Cautious physicians say that people counting bank bills should not touch the finger on the tongue as is the common practice as bills coming from places where smallpox prevails are liable to be infected.