Library Happenings

Henning School

Again this week we are featuring another of our Dear America books.  This one is entitled “The Diary of Dawnie Rae Johnson, With the Might of Angels Hadley, Virginia, 1954.”

The book jacket reads: “Twelve-year old Dawnie Rae Johnson’s life turns upside down after the Supreme Court rules in favor of desegregation in the landmark case Brown v Board of Education.  Her parents decide that Dawnie will attend Prettyman Coburn, a previously all-white school-but she’ll be the only one of her friends to enroll in this new school. Not everyone in Hadley supports integration, though, and much of the town is outraged at the decision.  

“As she starts school, Dawnie endures the harsh realities of racism. But the backlash against her attendance of Prettyman Coburn is more than she’s prepared for, and she begins to wonder if the hardship is worth it. Will Dawnie be able to hold on to the true meaning of justice and remain faithful to her own integrity?”

Come on up to the Henning Public Library and let us help you find an amazing book you can read before Spring arrives!  We’ll be glad to help you find just the right one on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:30 p.m. following the school calendar.