Photos by Dani Koenen, contributed

The Henning third grade boys basketball team, as well as the second/third grade and fourth grade girls basketball teams competed at the Ashby tournament on Saturday. Above: The third grade boys team took home first place on Saturday. The team beat West Central in the first game, Underwood in the second, and Ashby in the championship game. The team was able to overcome an 8 point deficit at the half to win by a score of 28-22. The team is composed of both second and third graders. Team members include: Front row: Hawken Holeton, Reed Grieger, Reggie Emter and Calahan Koep. Back row: Coach Jordan Hoelscher, Coach Andi Honebrink, Mac Dilly, Xavier Hoelscher, Owen Honebrink, Brody Iliff and Coach Ryan Emter. Below right: The second/third grade girls basketball team took fourth place in the Ashby tournament on Saturday. The team is made up of 5 third graders and 7 second graders. The team lost to a talented Minnewaska team in their first game and West Central Area in their second game. They continued to improve in each game and lost a close game to Underwood in their final game of the tournament. Henning outscored the Rockets in the second half of the game. Team members included: Front row: Charlotte Dehmer, Koli Torgerson, Johanna Saari, Willow Beattie and Emeryn Spires. Back row: Coach Chad Koenen, Makayla Menze, Nella Porter, Sheila Tierney, Korie Koenen, Annabelle Jacobs, Mila Umland, Shelby Loock and Coach Denise Menze. Below left: The fourth grade girls basketball team took fourth place in the Ashby Tournament on Saturday. The team was coached by Dakota Aeling. Team members included: Jacobi Saari, Shadley Bunkowski, Harper Umland, Lily Grieger and Adyson Bergstrom. Back row: Abigail Jones-Bartells, Olivia DeYonge, Hailey Fiskum, Jocelyn Doll and Kaitlyn Scott.