Caucus to be held Feb. 1 at various locations in OTC

Otter Tail Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) members will gather on Feb. 1 at one of the seven sites around the County to learn about this year’s candidates, debate resolutions for the party platform, elect new precinct chairs, and select delegates for the upcoming conventions. 

“Our precinct caucuses signal the start of the 2022 elections in Minnesota, which are sure to be some of the most fiercely contested political battles in our state’s history,” said DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “The way we win in 2022 is by organizing and building power at the grassroots level, which is exactly what DFLers will be doing in community centers and school gymnasiums across Minnesota. The DFL is a people-powered party and our precinct caucuses give everyone, from seasoned activists to the newly engaged, a chance to weigh in on the party’s platform, elect local leaders, and shape the future of the DFL. I encourage all Minnesotans to attend their precinct caucuses, engage with their neighbors, and make their voices heard.”  

The Otter Tail County DFL will be following the protocol set by the Minnesota State DFL Emergency Declaration regarding Precinct Caucuses:  Additionally, to address the spread of COVID-19, Precinct Caucuses will require all participants and guests to:

• Wear a well-fitted mask worn appropriately over the nose and mouth, even while speaking

• Socially distance to the extent possible;

• Show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test.

Individuals who cannot comply with these rules may still submit a Precinct Caucus Non-Attendee form pursuant to the process outlined in the Official Call.  Non-Attendee forms will be available for individuals attending in person on caucus night and can be filled out and submitted at any point until the caucus adjourns.

Otter Tail County DFL Caucuses will be held at seven sites throughout Otter Tail County including:

Site 1. Pelican Rapids Public Library will host the following precincts:  Candor, Dora, Dunn, Erhard, Erhards Grove, Lida, Maplewood, Norwegian Grove, Pelican Twp., Pelican Rapids City, Rothsay City, Scambler, Star Lake, Trondhjem and Vergas City.

Site 2. Fergus Falls M-State will host the following Fergus Falls precincts:   City wards precincts 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-2, Aastad,  Aurdal, Buse, Carlisle, Dalton, Dane Prairie, Elizabeth City, Elizabeth Twp., Fergus Falls Twp., Friberg, Orwell, Oscar, Tumuli and Western.

Site 3. Parkers Prairie High School precincts are: Eastern, Effington, Elmo, Leaf Mountain, Parkers Prairie City, Parkers Prairie Twp., Urbank and Woodside.

Site 4. Henning High School precincts are: Folden, Girard, Henning City, Henning Twp., Inman, Leaf Lake, and Oak Valley.

Site 5. Perham Middle School precincts are:  Corliss, Dead Lake, Dent, Edna, Gorman, Hobart, Ottertail City, Otter Tail Twp., Perham City, Perham Twp., Pine Lake, Richville and Rush Lake.

Site 6. Battle Lake High School precincts are: Amor, Battle Lake, Clitherall City, Clitherall Twp., Eagle Lake, Everts, Maine, Nidaros, St Olaf, Sverdrup, Tordenskjold, Underwood and Vining.

Site 7. New York Mills High School precincts are: Blowers, Bluffton City, Bluffton Twp., Butler, Compton, Deer Creek City, Deer Creek Twp., Homestead, Newton, New York Mills, Otto, Paddock and Wadena Precinct 4.