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Henning School

“Dear America The Diary of Piper Davis, The Fences Between Us Seattle, Washington, 1941.”

The book jacket reads: “My name is Piper.  This is my story….One fateful day in December 1941, Piper Davis awaits news of her brother, a soldier on the battleship Arizona stationed in Pearl Harbor.  Explosions rule the earth and sky, and Piper wonders what will become of her brother, and of her life in Seattle, as rationing and blackouts take hold.  

“Soon, Piper is greeted by another grim reality-the incarceration of her Japanese neighbors.  Piper’s father, a pastor for a Japanese Baptist church, decides to follow his congregants when they are sent to an incarceration camp, bringing Piper along with him. She resents being uprooted, but as she learns about the harsh and heartbreaking realities of war, Piper begins to understand that she has the power to make a difference.”

Dear America series is an historical fiction novel series and our library is fortunate to have 35 of these books.  

Come on up to the Henning School Library and check out one.  We are open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:30 p.m. following the school calendar.