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December 27 is a very special day for my family.  In 1961, my parents Loren and Bonnie Clary were married in a small church in Ronan, Mont. This marriage produced four children (three boys and a girl), 11 grandchildren (three boys and eight girls) and six great grandchildren (one boy and five girls).  

This year my parents celebrate 60 years of marriage. What a beautiful and wonderful occasion it is. My parents are givers.  They have given to others their entire lives. When God chose to put these two people together, what a great and magnificent giving pair they would become together.  

Over the years we have had countless “surprise” parties for them to celebrate the milestones with family and friends. This year when talking with my brothers, we decided that instead of a party, we would give the gift of “giving to another.”  

With the help of Mrs. Quammen, we created the Loren and Bonnie Clary Scholarship worth $1,000. Loren has spent his life involved in farming, heavy equipment operations, and working for the National Bison Range. Bonnie has spent her life creating clothing through her sewing, managing a household, raising four children, and establishing healthy meals. The goal of the Loren and Bonnie Clary Scholarship is to prepare children for life, which is exactly what they did with their own children. 

This scholarship will benefit a student graduating from Ronan High School in Montana where both my parents, my brothers and I graduated from.  

The chosen student will have an interest in agriculture, heavy equipment operations, fish/wildlife/parks, home economics, culinary arts or fashion design. We set criteria that the student would maintain a certain grade point average, but could attend either a two or four year college. We are excited to see the applications when they start rolling in after the first of the year. 

This gift is going to do exactly what my parents have done in their own quiet way these last 60 years, and that is to give to another.  

If you are looking to give a gift to someone who may have everything they already need, maybe this will encourage you to give in the name of someone else. Henning Public School produces many fine students that will need financial assistance to attend college. 

If you are interested in giving, please feel free to call our business office at 583-2927 and they will set you up with the correct person to help you along in your journey of giving in the name of another.  

May 2022 be a year full of love and gratefulness, Happy New Year.