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Students in Stephanie Jorgenson’s second grade class painted a variety of feathers as part of a Thanksgiving project at school.

Students in Stephanie Jorgenson’s second grade class at Henning School shared some stories about their Thanksgiving turkey this year. 

The assignment was to create a funny story about how the students would save their Thanksgiving turkey this year. The students needed to write to someone that they know and care about. 

Then, the students had a choice of what they would be painting. The class searched a few ideas, and the students decided they wanted to paint different types of feathers. The students have a peacock feather, a magpie feather, and then a few of other choices.

Jorgenson said the students enjoy watercolor painting this year. The students get a lot of choices along the way and make the decisions and then Jorgenson direct them on how to execute those decisions. 

Dear Dad

Please DO NOT butcher a turkey! thay are too cute. I would name the girl turkey “turkey Durkey”. She loves jerkey and dancing. She sings a lot, too. Squawk squawk squawk!

I need to get her back to the woods. First I will tiptoe to my turkey in the living room. I will run as fast as I can to grab her. I will sneek her to the woods.

Sorry Dad I will win this



Dear Ansley

I’m not going to let you and your dad butcher your turkey this year. Because your gonna kill it. Wait a minute every turkey I eat is killed now I’m wah, wah, wah, wah. I like animals. I don’t want you to eat a shark either. Because that would be gross.

The escape plan I’m making for your girl turkey is: I’m gonna hop on a plane and find your house. I’m going to sleep with moose. By the way, did you know your turkey like’s Barbie dolls. Her name is Tortellini.

I’m going to bring an emty suitcase to your house. I’m going to shuve Tortellini in it for you can’t butcher her. I’m going to drive to the airport and get in the line for the suitcase beeper. What if the beeper goes crazy when Tortellini’s suitcase goes through?

Quickly I’ll have to chase her around the airport because when they open her suitcase to check on it. She will escape! The people are screaming and videoing me for snapchat. What is happening? The airport secuirty guys will catch her and then she will be waiting at the suitcase spinner.

That’s it… I give up Tortellini has to go back to you Ansley. Wait, what if I just go release her out by the ocean? Now you have to eat Mac n Cheese for Thanksgiving instead.



Dear Gma Kathy,

Please don’t cook my turkey this year! My turkey’s name is Trash. He likes the trash but I want him in the baitshop. He will be good in there with the animals on the wall.

Im going to sneak away from you Frst, I’m going to get you keys and use your car I’m going to grab Trash and toss him into the car oh no, I have dnue to the baitshop No! Here comes the police I will ask him to take me and Trash to the baitshop.

If you come to the baitshop, I will do some work in there but Trash will be hiding. You won’t see him because he will camoflauge himself with the other animals on the wall!