What are some of your hobbies? Where do you work/what do you do?   I currently work at Perham Living as an LPN. I enjoy bowling and spending time with my fur babies.

How long have you been on the ambulance service: I have been with the service since 1999.

Why did you join the ambulance service: How I got started you can thank Mary Gugel. She  asked  me to go on a ride along to see what’s like. It took a while but I finally said yes. After I did my first ride along  I was hooked. It was quite an adrenaline rush. You get called out in all kinds of weather and the timing is rough at times. 

What do you enjoy about being on the department: At the end of the day/after the call it is a good feeling knowing you were able to help some one.  I love being able to help  others in need and give back to the community.  I enjoy the camaraderie with the crew and other EMS services including fire department, first responders and law enforcement. It takes team work to get the job done.