Larsen installed at Henning church on Oct. 24

Photo by Chad Koenen
Pastor Dan Larsen was installed as the new pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Henning on October 24. He comes to Henning from a tri-parish in southwestern Minnesota.

By Chad Koenen


Pastor Dan Larsen and his family haven’t wasted any time in getting acclimated to their new home.

The new pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Henning has already participated in a number of community events like the Henning Haunted House since coming to town just a few weeks ago. He will fill the full-time pastor position that has been vacant since Pastor Kevin Mann left Henning approximately one year ago.

Larsen and his wife Stacy have three children including third grader Timothy, first grader Teddy and three-year-old Natalie. Their children are attending Henning School and Larsen said they have really enjoyed their time and chance to meet new friends since arriving to town.

Originally from Florida, Larsen was always interested in math and science growing up. He attended the University of Florida with the intention of becoming a scientist or a pastor, but found the long hours by himself as a scientist wasn’t really what he wanted to do long term.

“It was always being a scientist or a pastor. I gave being a scientist a shot (and it wasn’t for me),” he said. “I always just loved people and helping people.”

Larsen attended seminary school and quickly found a new home in a mostly rural parish in southwestern Minnesota.  

After serving two of the three churches in his parish for nine years, Larsen said he felt it was time for someone else to try their ideas and share their experiences with their members.

“I thought now would be a good time for someone else to try their ideas and experiences,” he said. 

Prior to coming to Henning, Larsen served at a tri-parish at Bethany Lutheran in Wabasso, Minn., Trinity Lutheran in Sanborn, Minn., and Zion Lutheran in Springfield, Minn.

Larsen was installed as the new pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on October 24 and said he is excited about getting involved with the youth ministry at the church and being a part of the Henning community.