Henning School second graders were able to decorate some “fancy” pumpkins last week. The pumpkins were donated by the Weller and Loock families. Each student in Stephanie Jorgenson’s and Kristy Finck’s classrooms were able to decorate two pumpkins as part of the class project. The students were able to make their pumpkins “fancy” with a variety of decorations including paint and glitter. 

Second grade students were able to write a short story about what it would be like to be invisible like a ghost. Two of the stories are featured below.

If I were invisible like a ghost, I would scare My family with an invisible blanket. I will scare My mom. She will scream! I will eat while I’m invisible. My invisible halloween pumpkin will follow me. I will have an invisible chair. I will jump on my dads back. When my mom is in the bathroom, I will wait by the door. When she comes, I will scare her. I will prank my mom and I will slam the door. It is so fun!

Jens Peterson

If I were invisible like a ghost, I would haunt my mom. I would get sticky shoes then I would climb the wall. Then I Jump off then walk and bump my sister. I will find a snack and then I put in the house. I would pick it up, put it on my sister.

I would play video games and I would yell “stella come here! and would see that a remote is in the air. I would Jump on trampoline. Then I would crawl in her bed and scare her.

Brody Iliff