Last week was National 4-H week. 

The Henning Chapter of 4-H, The Shining Lights, brought in their group to do a presentation to the second graders in Henning School. Both Mrs. Finck and Mrs. Jorgenson’s classrooms participated in a S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) project related to Bridge Building. 

The students listened to a story about bridges and how the different bridges are designed. They focused on what makes a bridge stable and how a bridge is put together. After the lesson, the students created their own bridges, and then filled cups (their cars) with pennies to determine how strong their bridges are. 

The goal was to get the most pennies in their cup and not have the bridge collapse. The buzz of creativity, engineering, and laughter were filling the rooms. It was a great way to show the students that 4-H isn’t just for “farm” kids. 4-H has many different areas for students to be involved in. 

A few of the “non-farm” related things include: sewing, photography, and home economics. The second grade class wants to extend a thank you to the Henning Shining Lights for their project and dedication to 4-H. 

The next 4-H meeting with the Henning Shining Lights is October 20. You can reach out to any of the 4-H students at Henning School for further information.