I had a bit of an uneasy feeling last week as I began preparing the pages for this week’s issue of the Citizen’s Advocate. September has quickly turned into October, and reality kicked in that we are closer to Christmas than we are to Memorial Day. Essentially, we are closer to -30 temperatures than we are 80 degrees (even though we have been spoiled by some nice weather of late).

Now I love fall, it is easily my favorite time of the year, despite having allergies that make my eyes look like I was in the most recent Cheech and Chong movie. The leaves are changing colors, there is a chill in the air, yet the weather warms up throughout the day. 

Locally, the countless community events slow down a bit and we are treated to just an occasional community event on a Saturday that we can enjoy, as opposed to trying to be in three different communities at the same time. The best part is these events can still be outside, and lets be honest, is there anything better than being outside when it is 70 degrees in Minnesota?

Despite all of the joys of the fall season, there is a sad reality that things will get colder, before they get warmer again. I talk all the time about how everyone has an extra get up in their step in the spring, knowing that warm temperatures are right around the corner. In the fall the opposite can be said, we all know what is coming, but we are in a sense of denial about what is on the horizon. 

For as long as it lasts, I plan on making the most of this nice weather this fall.

In addition to changing the date on the front of the newspaper to October, we are also including a new feature about the Henning Ambulance Service. Over the next few weeks we will include a question and answer feature with all of the current members of the ambulance service. 

We are lucky to have an ambulance that is staffed by well-trained volunteers to help us in a time of need in our own backyard. We hope this feature will be a way to get to know these volunteers a little better.