The elementary students are in love with our new set up in the library.  They are excited that they get to have the junior non fiction book shelves on “their” side of the library!  

The goal for this year with the junior non fiction section is to purchase new books for key areas in it.  There are two main areas that will be the focus of this endeavor.  The upper 500’s with mammals and the mid to upper 700’s with sports and athletes. 

The books that tend to have the longest life are hardcover library bound books and these books are usually priced anywhere from $20 and up per book. Right now we are looking to order 50 books to revamp these sections. While working in these sections it has been fun to have involvement from our Senior students who are in Post Secondary Education classes in the library.  

Our quarterback for the OTC Bulldogs, Tanner Arndt, chose a dozen sports books that are going to be loved by many students to come.  It can be very overwhelming to see all the books that are available and to know that the book that is chosen is going to be liked.   That is a huge reason why Tanner’s help was needed because he is in the know of sports that are current and that kids are interested in and I’m so very thankful for his help.  

We hope you’ll find time in your schedule to stop by the library on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:30 p.m. and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with us while you find just the perfect book or you just want to view our space.  We look forward to seeing you!