Contributed photo
Sheriff Barry Fitzgibbons and Garry Bowhall are pictured with Justin Tellinghuisen.

Rural mail carrier helped a man who fell off his lawn mower

On June 19, at approximately 12:11 p.m., a 70-year-old rural Erhard man was mowing a ditch when his lawnmower overturned and trapped him under the mower. The lawnmower started the dry grass on fire and then the lawnmower also started on fire. The man’s clothes then caught on fire. 

As this was happening, Justin Tellinghuisen, the rural mail carrier, drove by and saw him. Tellinghuisen rushed to his aid, removing the man’s burning clothes and assisted him up the ditch and onto the tailgate of his vehicle, calling 911. Tellinghuisen stayed with the man, giving him a blanket and water for comfort, until he was transported to the hospital.

It should be noted that the location of the incident was on a remote township dead end road with minimal traffic. Had Tellinghuisen  not arrived when he did, the man believes that he may not have made it due to his injuries. The man survived the incident and is currently recovering from his injuries.

“Because of Justin’s quick actions, the man is able to recover at home. Had Justin not been there to help, the outcome would, most likely, have been much worse. Well done Justin, you certainly made a difference that day,” said Sheriff Barry Fitzgibbons.