New business to work on everything from service calls to new construction and more

By Chad Koenen


A new plumbing company is calling the Henning area home. 

James Iliff recently opened Iliff Plumbing in rural Henning, after working as a plumber for the past 19 years. He will focus on everything from new construction, service work, remodeling and more. 

Opening his own business in the Henning area has been something Iliff has thought about for over five years, as he saw a growing need for more plumbing work in the region. 

“It’s always kind of been in the back of my mind for about five years, ever since I moved up to the area,” said the Bertha native. 

His wife Jessica said the hope was to not take away work from existing plumbing businesses, but to offer another local option for residents to call. The hope was to offer another location option as there has been a rise in service work and new construction work in the lakes area. Otherwise, local residents need to take their business out of town if plumbing businesses are too busy with other work that has been lined up.

“His goal is to just bring more service work to Henning,” she said. 

In addition to bringing more work to the area, Iliff said his hope with his new business is to give him more time with his family. It will also allow him to set his own schedule throughout the day.

“I wanted to have more family time. Being able to set my own (schedule),” he said. 

For more information about Iliff Plumbing, contact James Iliff at (763) 486-7152.