Members of the Henning High School Class of 1971 who attended their recent 50th high school reunion include: Bobby Koep, Cindy Espeland Fossey, Eugene Hollatz, Betty Hagen Sheeley, Bruce Greenwaldt, Vicki Irish Trites, Carleen Wallevand Markuson, Dick Joerger, Dave Shaw, Clark Bredberg, Cindy Loser Shaw, Craig Frobom, Julie Hay, Gail Shallock Helmbrecht, Kathy Hansen and Linda Dunker Bronson. Not pictured: Becky Severson.

The Henning High School Class of 1971 gathered at Oakwood Supper Club on July 9 to celebrate their 50th year class reunion. 

An informal gathering of about 20 students reminisced about high school stories, shared pictures of children and grandchildren, and visited with retired teachers Ed Snyder and Gene Seaver as a bonus. Afterwords, the class stepped aboard a well decorated Las Vegas style float to parade themselves through the streets of Henning in the Henning area festival. 

There was good-natured mocking from the parade watchers toward us alumni being older; nobody who graduates at the age of 18 ever thinks a “50 year class reunion” will arrive at their doorstep; the Class of 1971 reportedly didn’t either. The class wanted to thank Vicky (Irish) Trites, Betty (Hagen) Sheeley, and Gail (Shallock) Helmbrecht for contacting class members and Gene Holletz, Carleen (Wallevand) Markuson, Doug Fosse and Linda (Dunker) Bronson for their labor to dress up the parade float.

Dick Joerger and Craig Frobom have initiated a 545 HHS Booster alumni fund by donating $71 each; with a goal of accumulating $1,000. The class will be grateful to any class members from 1971 who wish to contribute any amount to this fund. Checks can be mailed to Craig Frobom at 29339 460th Ave, Henning MN 56551. Make the checks payable to the H545 Alumni Fund and put the 1971 Booster Fund message in the memo.

The class of 1971 is grateful to the discipline of principal Frank Formanek, the sincere kindness of all the Henning High School support staff, and the profound love from all the teachers who sent them out into the world to achieve unfettered success. The Class of 1971 has not taken that for granted.

Lastly, the Class of 1971 wanted to thank Dave (class President) and Cindy Shaw for their presence and they offer up concerted prayer for Dave in their current health challenge.