By Chad Koenen


All non-essential outdoor water use will be banned beginning on July 26 in Henning. 

The City of Henning recently announced that the city will need to implement stricter water restriction plans due to the ongoing drought. The Minnesota DNR recently determined the state is in a drought warning phase. That means city residents will no longer be able to irrigate lawns, power wash homes and buildings, wash their car (with the exception of car washes) or fill swimming pools. 

Local residents will still be able to water their gardens and go to the car wash in town to wash their vehicle. 

  Henning residents had previously been under a partial non-essential water ban which allowed residents to water their lawns on alternating days during certain hours of the day. This water ban will replace those restrictions on July 26.

For more information, or for future water restriction notices, the City of Henning is asking residents to sign up for notices on the website.