Decision came after BigFoot owners inquired about an off-sale license

By Chad Koenen


The City of Vining will keep the status quo for off-sale liquor in the community.

During its regularly scheduled meeting last Tuesday, the Vining City Council heard from Dave Rahn, whose company owns BigFoot Gas, Grocery and Deli in Vining, about his desire to receive an off-sale liquor license. He told the council that if he received the off-sale license he wanted to remodel BigFoot to allow for a bottle shop at the convenience store. 

“We are remodeling and wanted an off-sale liquor license,” said Rahn. 

According to state statues, the City of Vining could issue up to three off-sale liquor licenses based on its population, but can issue less if the city desired. 

In April the Vining City Council approved allowing just two off-sale and on-sale liquor licenses in the town. Both licenses are currently owned by the Vining Grill and the Vining Palace. 

Vining Mayor Lynda Rubink said concern has been raised by several people in the community over having too many off-sale liquor licenses in a town of less-than 70 people.

“We have 69 people in our city,” she said. “There is a concern about how many liquor licenses does a town need with 69 people.”

She went on to say other neighboring communities have just one or two off-sale liquor licenses. For example, Henning and Battle Lake have just one, and Fergus Falls has just two municipally owned liquor stores. 

Ultimately the Vining City Council said it would not be in favor of issuing another off-sale liquor license at this time.