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Henning junior high team members include: Front row: #32 Tiffany Weber, #24 Isabelle Godding, #35 Lola Hansen and #1 Monica Hansen. Middle row: #33 Macy Oseien, #4 Lila Thorson and #2 Elin Smith. Back row: Coach Emter, sixth Graders Alona Reinbold, Lillie Smith and Hallie Weller. Not pictured: Emmalyn Bergstrom.

The Henning Hornet junior high girls basketball teams wrapped up their seasons recentl as the Hornets lost both games to Wadena-Deer Creek. The team had a condensed season, but the girls did their best to make the most of it. The team was able to pull out two wins on the year and get a lot of valuable practice to make up for time that has been lost this past year.  

The seventh grade team was composed of 5 seventh graders including: Emmalyn Bergstrom, Isabelle Godding, Monica Hansen, Macy Oseien, and Elin Smith. 

These girls have a lot of heart and try their very best each night. Their defensive play is their greatest strength, which keeps them in games. As the team is able to add more full court pressure, they will see more defense leading to scoring with this crew. 

Playing along with this crew was 3 sixth graders including: Alona Reinbold, Hallie Weller, and Lillie Smith. These three girls were able to get some daily skill development and spot the seventh graders some minutes when they had to play in two games. 

The eighth grade team was composed of 3 eighth graders including Lila Thorson, Lola Hansen and Tiffany Weber. The seventh graders then mixed in with these three to make a team. 

Unnfortunately the junior high team was only able to play a few games this year, but the real positive was that they were very competitive when they played together. 

Ryan Emter said Thorson and Weber made some real nice gains from last year and ran things well for for the Hornets. Lola Hansen was a nice addition to the team this year and was able to come a long ways in a short amount of time.