Trapping remains a tradition for Henning family

By Chad Koenen


To say the Olson family in rural Henning was busy this fall would be an understatement. 

Contributed photo
Three generations of trappers are pictured with just some of the animals they were able to trap this year. Pictured above are Ron Olson, Dan Olson and Tyler Olson.

The family trapped 32 beavers, 7 otters, 10 raccoons, 8 coyotes and 62 muskrats across the greater Otter Tail County area. Most of the trapping took place in the Henning and Deer Creek Township area, but also included Henning Township, the Stewart Lake area and Parkers Prairie where muskrats were plugging the spillway by a lake. 

Danny Olson said he enjoys the time he gets to spend with his dad, who taught him how to trap, as well as his son who has taken up the sport in recent years.

“Just the time spent together,” said Danny. “My dad kind of taught me the way and (Tyler) never really showed any interest until he was 24 when he wanted to learn how to trap.”

By the time Tyler wanted to take up the sport he was required to take a trappers class before he could get into the field with the rest of his family members.

Trapping has not only helped the region by getting rid of pests who are clogging water ways with dams, but also cuts down on the amount of predators in the region. With such a shortage of trappers in the area, the Olsons have become a popular phone call for townships and city’s in need of getting rid of some pests. 

“We spend most of our time in the canoe in the waterways,” said Danny. 

While his dad didn’t go trapping this year, Danny said he invited his dad to stand in for a picture of the three generations of local trappers as he was the one who got him into the sport a number of years ago. 

“He kind of taught me and we are using most of his traps today for the most part,” said Danny.